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Sonia Shechet Epstein

Sonia Shechet Epstein is Curator of Science and Technology, Executive Editor, Sloan Science & Film, and First Look Exhibitions and Film Programmer at Museum of the Moving Image in New York City. She oversees the Museum's online publication as well as administration of the Sloan Student Prizes. She curates the ongoing film series "Science on Screen" which pairs rarely-seen films with conversations between scientists and filmmakers that offer new perspectives on both film and scientific subject matter. Sonia develops and organizes exhibitions, including Twitch, Pop, Bloom: Science in Action and an installation of David Levine's Dissolution. In addition, she is on the selection committee for the Museum's annual First Look Film Festival, and curates an annual exhibition showcasing new, boundary-pushing work. She has lectured internationally about the intersection of science and cinema, and was selected to be part of the 2022 edition of Berlinale Talents.

Articles By Sonia Shechet Epstein:
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Filmmaker Update: Carolyn Kras and Etana Jacobson
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control at Museum of the Moving Image
Science Films in Metrograph Programs
Interview with Daniel Goleman on Inside Out
Behind the Scenes: Sundance’s Sloan Jury
"Life Itself" at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm
Interview with Ciro Guerra, Director of Embrace of the Serpent
Science at the 2016 Oscars
Behind the Scenes: Logan Kibens & Sharon Greene's Operator
Interview with Playwright Frank Basloe
Oscar Short: We Can't Live Without Cosmos
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March Science & Film Goings On
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ReelAbilities Film Festival at the Museum of the Moving Image
Thank You for Playing and "That Dragon, Cancer"
Mark Levinson's The Gold Bug Variations
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#TBT From the Archive: Joel O. Shapiro's The Visionary**(Tesla)
From Book to Stage to Screen: The National Theatre
Exclusive Interview: Tom Sachs and Van Niestat
FOX 2000’s Hidden Figures is Cast
Shawn Snyder's To Dust Wins TFI Student Grand Jury Prize
Magical Realism as Journalism: Interview with Wade Davis
Exclusive Interview with Douglas Trumbull: What If 2001 Was In VR?
Science at the Tribeca Film Festival
April Science & Film Goings On
Science Goes to the Movies: Zombies
Interview with Pixar's Danielle Feinberg
$160,000 To Women Filmmakers: The TFI-Sloan Filmmaker Fund Winners
Science On Screen: Prof. Clare Congdon On Computer Chess
Science at the San Francisco International Film Festival
The Science & Entertainment Exchange
Scientists Argue About Spider-Man
Anna Ziegler's Boy, an EST and Keen Company Production
You're Calling from Space?: IMAX, A Beautiful Planet
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Experimental Science and Cinema at The Museum of the Moving Image
Science Goes to the Movies: Nanotechnology
May Science & Film Goings On
Ramanujan: The Man Who Knew Infinity
Tribeca Sloan Works-In-Progress Readings
Plant Medicine, Healing, and Ayahuasca in Icaros: A Vision
Science on the Small Screen: Chelsea Does…
Meet the Filmmaker: Nicole Kassell
Fembots in Ex Machina and Blade Runner
Kitty Genovese and The Bystander Effect
Oprah Winfrey: Henrietta Lacks and HeLa Cells
Exclusive: Eric Schlosser's The Bomb
The Morality of Drones: World Science Festival at MOMI June 2
The Surgeon Behind The Knick: Interview with Dr. Burns
#TBT From the Archive: Mark Landsman’s Skylab
On Stage: Nick Payne's Incognito
Barbara Hammer and the X-rays of James Sibley Watson
June Science & Film Goings On
Science Goes to the Movies: Doctor Who
Science in Fact and Fiction: Interview with Radiolab’s Latif Nasser
The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks: Dempsey Rice Interview
Melissa Finell's Sensitivity Training Premieres
Funding the Universal Language: Interview with Sloan's Doron Weber
Science on Screen: Interview with Jack Horner, Jurassic World
Three Columbia University Filmmakers Receive $70,000
Nothing Natural About Them: Scientists on Drone Technology
Meet the Filmmaker: Sahirr Sethhi
Algorithm for Love: Interview with Lucy Brown on The Lobster
Update: $20,000 to Mark Levinson's The Gold Bug Variations
#TBT From the Archive: Jim Berry's Semmelweis
An Inquiry Into The Phenomena of Wonder at MASS MoCA
The Physics of Back to the Future's DeLorean Time Machine
Science Goes to the Movies: X-MEN: APOCALYPSE
Finding Dory, The Amnesic Royal Blue Tang
July Science & Film
Goings On

Autism and Cartoons:
Life, Animated

Science on Screen: NASA’S Dr. Patrick Simpkins on October Sky
Electric Paris: Interview with Curator Margarita Karasoulas
Premiere: Michael Molina Minard's Standing8
Are Imaginary Friends Useful?
Meet the Filmmaker: Writer and Producer Jenny Halper
Exclusive Dreamlands Preview: Interview with Chrissie Iles
Where Did "Pokémon Go" Come From?
Science Goes to the Movies: In the Heart of the Sea
From the Collection: Movie Story, Hedy Lamarr
Stanley Kubrick on Nuclear Attacks and Dr. Strangelove
Art and Astronomy: Interview with Curator Mary-Kay Lombino
Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck's Animated Life
August Science & Film
Goings On

The Ruins of Civilization: Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s Homo Sapiens
Premiere: Jonah Bleicher's The King's Pawn
Science on Screen: Interview with Dr. Paul Durham on Gattaca
Collective: Unconscious
Imagine Science on
Scientific American

Shall We Play A Game?: Interview with Metrograph's Jake Perlin
Science Goes to the Movies: The Flash
Einstein and Hollywood: David Schwartz and Sonia Epstein Discuss
Games within Games: Interview with Dr. Buell on eXistenZ
New Face of Independent Film: Writer Shawn Snyder
Data Compression in
Silicon Valley

Science is Fiction: Jean Painlevé's The Sea Horse
Buckminster Fuller's The House of Tomorrow
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
I Take Arsenic, Of Course: Florence Foster Jenkins
Daniel Ragussis’ Short Film Haber
Science at IFP's Film Week
September Science & Film Goings On
The Veneer of Science: NUTS! at Museum of the Moving Image
Science on Screen at the Toronto International Film Festival
The Wind Journeys at MOMI: Interview with Ciro Guerra
The Element of Water in Netflix’s Stranger Things
Interactive Storytelling: Interview with TFI's Opeyemi Olukemi
Nuclear Nightmares: Command & Control & Dr. Strangelove
Science at the 2016
Emmy Awards

Radium Girls: Interview with Lydia Dean Pilcher
The Intrepid's Star Trek Exhibit Teleports Science & Film
Experiments in Art and Technology at
ISSUE Project Room

From Manuscript to Screenplay: Hidden Figures
$120,000 in Grants to Three NYU Tisch Filmmakers
Meet the Filmmaker: $100,000 Sloan Prize Recipient
Eric Cohen

Exclusive Interview: Ellen Burstyn on Buckminster Fuller
No Ghost Just A Shell: Interview with Pierre Huyghe
First in Flight: The Wright Brothers and
“Aviation Cinema”

October Science & Film Goings On
Announcing the Sloan Science & Film Teacher's Guide
Malick's Voyage of Time: Interview with
Dr. Andrew Knoll

Something to Say: Interview with Lara Shapiro
Science at the 54th New York Film Festival
Child of Light: Tesla Premieres on PBS
Jean-Pierre Léaud Dies as Louis XIV
Computers: From Human to Handheld
Last Days of Night: Exclusive Interview with Graham Moore
Binaural Audio in The Encounter on Broadway
Häxan, The Witch
Werner Herzog's Into the Inferno on Netflix
Highlights: Dreamlands Screenings
November Science & Film Goings On
Operator Opens Theatrically with Distribution Grant
Meet the Filmmaker: Writer Jennifer Blackmer
How to Live 4ever: Mars Behind-the-Scenes with Justin Wilkes
Human-to-Human: The Chess Game of Magnus Carlsen
Wax Death Masks at the Alamo Drafthouse
Our Fascinating Planet and Cosmos
Marie Curie, A Noble Affair: Interview with Kathryn Maughan
Premiere: Gabil Sultanov’s film Visible Proof
From the Museum's Collection: Thomas Edison's Movies
Zoom: Exclusive Interview with Lion writer Luke Davies
Filmmaker Update: Production Underway for Crick in the Holler
Mind Tricks: The Future of Video Games in Black Mirror
December Science & Film Goings On
Marvelous Science: Interview with Tomb Raider Writer
How to be an Astronaut:
Dr. Mae Jemison on Mars

Season Two of Mercy Street to Premiere
Premiere: Ryan Kravetz's The Collector's Gift
Dreamlands: Stan VanDerBeek & Joan Brigham's Steam Screens
Preview: Science at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival
The Uncanny Fembots of Westworld
Behind the Scenes: War for the Planet of the Apes
Interview with Owen Bell, First Game Designer to Win a Sloan Prize
Exclusive: Brian Selznick on Martin Scorsese and Todd Haynes
On Hidden Figures, Margot Lee Shetterly and Janelle Monáe
Interview with David Birke, Writer of Paul Verhoeven's Elle
The Best Science Films
of 2016

Filmmaker Update: Moe Berg Film Shooting with Paul Rudd
Doctor Strange and the Multiverse
Premiere: Anya Meksin's Temma
Close to a Million Dollars From Sloan to Filmmakers in 2016
January Science & Film Goings On
NASA's The Golden Record, Revisited
Tribeca Film Institute’s Inaugural Episodic Workshop
Michelle Ferrari's Documentary on
Rachel Carson

From Book to Screen: Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake
The Rosenbergs: Interview with Producer Anil Baral
What is a Computer?:
Ada Lovelace Explains

Transformative Film: Interview with Doron Weber
We All Get There Together: Octavia Spencer on Hidden Figures
Marjorie Prime: Exclusive Interview with Michael Almereyda
Premiere: Amanda Tasse's Reality Clock
Science and Superheroes: Interview with Nicole Perlman
Science. Fiction. Film at the 67th Berlinale
NASA’s Chief Historian Bill Barry on Hidden Figures
Chatting From Space: Ben Aston's Russian Roulette
Lions and Ostrich and Elephants: Carl Akeley and Documentary Cinema
Marjorie Prime: Sloan-Sundance Jury on 2017 Prize Winner
February Science & Film Goings On
Science at the 2017 Oscars
A New Film About Marie Curie by Marie Noëlle
Science Plays at the Ensemble Studio Theatre’s First Light Festival
The Catcher Was a Spy: Behind the Scenes with Jim Young
Close Encounters at the Berlinale
Things to Come: Interview with Kinemathek Curators
Soylent Green is People: Interview with Dr. Andrew Bell
THX 1138: Interview with
Dr. David Anderson

Pokot: Interview with Agnieszka Holland at the Berlinale
Algol: The Tragedy of Power, at the Berlinale
Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Interview with Dr. Hameed
Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan: Interview with Zach Dean
The Medium is the Message: Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper
A Cure for Wellness: Exclusive with Gore Verbinski
Loïe Fuller’s Radium Dance
Columbia University Filmmakers Win $80,000 from Sloan Foundation
March Science & Film Goings On
Black Holes Collide WITH.IN VR
Teknolust: Lynn Hershman Leeson Talks With Stuart Firestein
WGBH’s Documentary
The Race Underground

Premiere: Zack Schamberg's Hardbat
A "Cure" for Impotence: Richard Linklater's New Film
Before and After Science at CPH: DOX
Premiere: Mark Apicella's Between Blood and Sand
The Singularity: Interview with Metrograph's Aliza Ma
Best Sloan-Supported Script of the Year Wins $30,000
Emmanuelle Bercot's
150 Milligrams

Science at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival
On Stage: Deepwater Oil Spill, Interview with Leigh Fondakowski
Premiere: Eben Portnoy's Film Wild Love
The Dancer: Loïe Fuller's Inventions
April Science & Film
Goings On

Behind the Scenes of the Science at CPH: DOX
Science at the 2017 San Francisco International Film Festival
ITER: Interview with Let There Be Light Filmmakers
Isabella Rossellini & Mandë Holford on Love Lives of Sea Creatures
Premiere: Louis Morton's Film Nose Hair
Video Clip from Mission Control: Launch of Apollo 8
Lydia Pilcher on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Bombshell: Interview with Richard Rhodes on Hedy Lamarr
Sloan Science & Film Shorts at the National Math Festival
Premiere: Jon Noble's
Nzara ‘76

Nonfiction in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale
Exclusive Audio: Ellen Burstyn on The House of Tomorrow
Two New Films About Trauma
Five Films About Albert Einstein
May Science & Film
Goings On

Three Films Win $150,000 From Tribeca Film Institute
The Farthest: Interview with Director Emer Reynolds
The Premiere of National Geographic's Genius
Flood: Interview with Documentarian Katy Scoggin
Exploratory Works: William Beebe's Underwater Films
No Explosions at the
Nitrate Picture Show

Todd Haynes's Wonderstruck Premieres at Cannes
Icaros: A Vision at Metrograph
Aardvark: Interview with Director Brian Shoaf
Doron Weber on
The Open Mind

From the Archive:
Filippo Conz's Tymbals

World Premiere of Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
Spark on HBO: Interview with Juan Martinez Vera
Building a Dinosaur: Jack Horner on Jurassic Park
June Science & Film
Goings On

Somnambulism: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
There Is No Planet B: Climate Change on Film
From the Archive: Joshua Kameyer's Chances Are
Vavilov Seed Bank: Interview with Jessica Oreck
Minority Report and Precognition
Minute Bodies: Exclusive Interview with Stuart Staples
Marjorie Prime Premieres at BAMcinemaFest
Spielberg's A.I.: Interview with Dr. Ken Stanley
Totality On View in America
The Lasso of Truth and the Lie Detector
Radiant: New Marie Curie Film
Hedy Lamarr Miniseries Will Star Diane Kruger
Future of Coal: Interview with Filmmakers of From the Ashes
Cephalopods On Screen
Premiere: Lilian Mehrel's The Loneliest
Adventures of a Mathematician: New Film on Stan Ulam
"Faz" Fazakas, Animatronics Pioneer with Jim Henson
July Science & Film Goings On
Guncotton: Shooting Film
Future Imperfect at MoMA
Premiere: Paxton Farrar's Starry Night
Chimpanzees and War for the Planet of the Apes
Computer Surveillance: Dr. Sheila Jasanoff on Alphaville
The Design of HAL 9000
Brain Dead: Interview with Dr. Moran Cerf
Black Holes and Christopher Nolan's Interstellar
Lucy Kirkwood's Mosquitoes Premieres on Stage
Science at the 2017 Emmy Awards
Empathy and Reality: Interview with Corinne Botz & Alice Flaherty
Okja and Miniature Genetically Modified Pigs
August Science & Film Goings On
The Catcher Was a Spy to Premiere at TIFF
From the Archive: David Barba's XP
Robot Friends: Interview with Dr. Selma Sabanovic on Her
Jonathan Demme's Portrait of a Biologist
Filmmakers Win $75,000 from the Sloan Foundation
How to Apply for a Sloan Film Grant
It Glows: Interview with Nitrate Vault Head George Willeman
Two New Science in Cinema Fellowships
Rubber, Neon, & Electronics: Experiments in Art and Technology
Livestreaming from the Great American Eclipse
Aronofsky's Pi: Interview with Dr. Barry Griffiths
Premiere: Eliza McNitt's Without Fire Starring Misty Upham
Loïe Fuller's Butterflys
Science at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival
Sloan Films Are Finalists for Student Academy Awards
Behind the Scenes Photos from Knights in Newark
September Science & Film Goings On
Sound in Silent Cinema
The Current War: Interview with Writer Michael Mitnick
Science at the 2017
New York Film Festival

Neil deGrasse Tyson on The Quiet Earth
Voyager's 40th Anniversary in Space
Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story Will Hit Theaters
Max Tegmark on the Future of AI
Biopic about Stan Ulam is Cast
Interview with Writers of a New Film on Alexander Graham Bell
Two Science Films Win Student Academy Awards
Announcing the New Edition of the Teacher's Guide
Director Barbara Albert on Mademoiselle Paradis
Three Carnegie Mellon Writers Win Sloan Awards
Be Careful What You Wish For: Harry Dodge's Mysterious Fires
Interview with Writer Hampton Fancher of Blade Runner
October Science & Film Goings On
AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol
Future of Storytelling Festival Lineup
Gay Sheep: Researcher Collaborates with Writer of Sheepish
360° Science and Technology Film Festival Lineup
Earth's Primary Producers
Funny Little Spider Drone: Interview with Director Kim Nguyen
When I Knew the Chimps: Jane Goodall and Brett Morgen's Film
The Home Place, Interview with Director Charlotte Moore
ACT UP-Paris: Robin Campillo’s BPM
To the Moon and Beyond
November Science & Film Goings On
Bong Joon-ho's Okja and Food Scarcity
New AFI, UCLA, and FIND Sloan-Winning Films
Project Updates from the Sloan Film Summit
Space Junk
Premiere: Catalina Puerto's Remembrance
A Lucky Man: Writer and Director Anna Gutto
Highlights from the Sloan Film Summit
Life on Mars: Return to Earth on Screen
Meet the Filmmaker: Arkesh Ajay, Writer of Film on Polio Vaccine
The Dancer, about Loïe Fuller, in Theaters
The Conversation: Susan Landau on Surveillance Technology
Far From the Tree: Andrew Solomon and Rachel Dretzin
Premiere: Dustin Brown’s Clarity
Jessica Oreck’s Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys
Lois Smith Nominated for Independent Spirit Award
December Science & Film Goings On
Announcing the Sloan-Sundance Winner
Hedy Lamarr's Work in Science and on Screen
Best Science Films of 2017
Meet the Filmmaker: New $100k Sloan Winner Rezwan Shahriar Sumit
Science On Screen: Alex Rivera's Sleep Dealer
The Experimental City: Director Chad Freidrichs
Geoffrey Rush as Einstein is Nominated for a Golden Globe
Thinking Machines
Future ’38: Director Jamie Greenberg
Science on The Black List
Eugènia Balcells’s Frequencies
Interview with Shaheen Shariff about Hate on Social Media
A New Year's Eve Playlist for Nerds
January Science & Film Goings On
Science on Screen: Jim Taylor & S. Matthew Liao on Downsizing
Plankton on Film
Writer C. Wrenn Ball on Film on Wright Brothers' Sister
Cinema Eye Honors Nominees
NASA Engineers React To Hidden Figures
Lynn Hershman Leeson on Vertigo, DNA, and Tilda Swinton
Black Mirror’s “Crocodile” and Mind Reading
Don Hertzfeldt on World of Tomorrow Episode Two
Interview with Director Ben Lewin on The Catcher Was A Spy
Sundance-Sloan Winner Search: Aneesh Chaganty & Sev Ohanian
Science at Sundance: Tomisin Adepeju’s The Right Choice
Premiere: Bennett Lasseter's Stealth
Science As Power: Interview, Playwright Lucy Kirkwood
Search Wins at Sundance
Woolly Mammoth De-Extinction: Christian Frei and Maxim Arbugaev
February Science & Film Goings On
Fathoming the Deep: William Beebe and the Bathysphere
Sundance Institute and Sloan Award Three Projects
Romance and Astronomy: From the 17th Century to the Present
The Dog in Black Mirror's "Metalhead"
Science Plays Featured at the Ensemble Studio Theatre
Women in Science on Film: Interview with Doron Weber
Addicted to Pain: Black Mirror's "Black Museum"
Science at the 2018 Oscars
At the Bronx Zoo with Archivist Madeleine Thompson
Ethan Hawke Will Play
Nikola Tesla

Science Films at SXSW
Science Films at CPH: DOX
New TV Series about Psychedelic Research
Casting and Production News on Adventures of a Mathematician
Cinerama and 2001: A Space Odyssey
March Science & Film
Goings On

Parental Controls: Black Mirror's "Arkangel"
Aquanaut, Conservationists, and Researchers on the Bathysphere
How to Steal Secrets: Red Sparrow author Jason Matthews
Discovery Science Channel’s Silicon Valley: The Untold Story
Four New Films about Female Scientists
"Art in the Age of the Internet": Curator Eva Respini
Livestreaming’s Gig Economy: People's Republic of Desire
Darren Aronofsky’s Ode to Mother Earth: One Strange Rock
Tommy Pallotta and Femke Wolting on More Human Than Human
Sony Pictures to Release Sundance-winner Searching
False Truths: The Atomic Cafe Seen Today
April Science & Film
Goings On

Those Who Are Fine at New Directors/New Films
Science at SFFILM
Two Sloan-supported Films Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival
Biodiversity in The Ancient Woods of Lithuania
The Valley Of Dry Bones Wins Student Grand Jury Prize
Columbia-Sloan Program Awards Four Scripts About Women
Behind the Scenes with NASA Astronauts of One Strange Rock
Eastern Memories: G.J. Ramstedt’s Road Trip
Biography and Biology: Ric Burns’ New Oliver Sacks Film
New Play Bump Opens Off-Broadway
Tribeca-Sloan Program Picks New Winners
Word For Forest
Géza Röhrig On The Tribeca-Winning Film To Dust
May Science & Film Goings On
Song Of Back And Neck
The House Of Tomorrow Opens In Theaters
Economist And Film Critic Discuss Frankenheimer’s Seconds
Netizens Director Cynthia Lowen
The Five Stages Of Decomposition: From Guncotton To Dust
Inventing Tomorrow: Director Laura Nix
New Plays Commissioned by Manhattan Theatre Club/Sloan
Becoming A Star In China And America
A Spark of Being: Haifaa al-Mansour’s Mary Shelley
The Tribeca Premiere Of Radium Girls
The Radioactive Boy Scout Named To Purple List
Naomi Watts Will Star in Burning Season
Ghostbox Cowboy: Filmmaker John Maringouin
Bump: Playwright Chiara Atik
World Premiere Of To Dust
June Science & Film Goings On
IFC Films To Release The Catcher Was A Spy
On Triple Canopy: Frank Heath’s On The Beach
Filmmakers And Scientists On Searching
The Udder
Science & Film Shorts for Kids
ASMR and Oddly Satisfying
Amy Taubin and Eyal Frank on Agnieszka Holland’s Spoor
Scientists And Filmmakers On Making Marvel Movies
Gen(Tree)Fication: The Impact Of Humans On Trees
The Burden: Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Launching A Companion Guide To Science-Based Feature Films
July Science & Film Goings On
Creatures of Light: LASERIUM
Science & Film Filmmakers Inducted into the Academy
Nautical Film
Matthew Broderick & Géza Röhrig’s Dark Buddy Comedy
Jacob Bronowski and Secret Life Of Humans
Penny Lane On The Pain Of Others
August Science & Film
Goings On

Four Writers From Carnegie Mellon Win Sloan Awards
The Birth of the Camera Phone
Knights in Newark
A Conversation With Joan Jonas, Moving Off The Land
Carl Akeley and Nature’s Truth
TV Series About Psychedelics Wins Sloan-FIND Episodic Grant
Science At The 56th New York Film Festival
Computer Game Where Players Maintain an Ecosystem Wins Award
Congressional Gold Medal to Scientists Who Inspired Hidden Figures
Script About the Surgeon Behind Mütter Museum Wins Sloan Prize
Preview of Projections Program at the New York Film Festival
Film Recreates War-Torn Bosnia In Los Angeles
Staying Hooked: John Cho In Computer-Screen Thriller Searching
September Science & Film Goings On
29 Science Films At The Toronto International Film Festival
Camden International Film Festival Programmer, Sean Flynn
Science At The 2018 Emmy Awards
Behind-the-Scenes of AMC’s The Terror
Science Media Awards Nominees
Robin Weigert Stars Opposite A Furry In Stella For Star
Science Films At The Hamptons International Film Festival
October Science & Film Goings On
Jeffrey Wright On Hold The Dark And Acting With Wolves
Marianna Simnett's Work "Blood In My Milk” at the New Museum
2001 Launches MoMI's Science On Screen Season
Zoe Colletti and Whoopi Goldberg Star In New Sloan Film
Play About "Father of Modern Gynecology" Premieres in 2019
Five Films By NYU Students Win Sloan Grants
Philippe Tlokinski Stars In Adventures Of A Mathematician
Three Films Helmed By Women Win Film Independent-Sloan Awards
Guardians Of The Galaxy's Nicole Perlman’s Directorial Debut
A Video Timeline Of The History Of Science
Arachnophobe Pets Spider In Lana Wilson’s A Cure For Fear
Keir Dullea On Making 2001: A Space Odyssey
November Science & Film Goings On
The Eugenics Crusade In America
Lucy In The Sky, A New Film About Autism, Premieres
Academy Award-Winning Sloan Short Premieres At Film Society
Louisiana Museum’s “The Moon—From Inner Worlds To Outer Space”
Claire Denis’ Science Consultant Talks About High Life
Watch Linnea Rundgren’s New Film Non-Linear
Awards Season Begins By Recognizing First Reformed
Film About Sexual Violence, A Lucky Man, Now Streaming
Maxim Pozdorovkin On The Truth About Killer Robots
December Science & Film Goings On
Science At The Independent Spirit Awards
Guerilla Science’s Guide To Romance
Sundance Preview: Science At The Festival
Watch Isabella Wing-Davey’s Short Film The Rain Collector
First Man Wins Sloan Science In Cinema Prize At SFFILM
Our Favorite Science Films Of 2018
January Science & Film Goings On
Naomi Lorrain Will Star In New Play About “Father Of Gynecology”
Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Debut Film Wins Sloan Sundance Prize
Christian Frei's Film On De-Extinction Of The Woolly Mammoth
The Physics of Dance, Part One
The Physics of Dance, Part Two
The Boston Marathon Bombing Reddit Detectives On 16mm
Scientists Write About The Oscar Nominees
Actress Naomi Lorrain On Behind The Sheet
February Science & Film Goings On
Black Magic Sex Cult Meets Rocket Science On Strange Angel
Science On Screen Presents To Dust At MoMI
Chiwetel Ejiofor to Donate Sloan-Sundance Prize Money
The Sound of Silence at Sundance
SXSW Preview: Science At The Festival
The Inventor By Alex Gibney, Elizabeth Holmes’ Scam
I Am Mother At Sundance
Four Films Based On True Stories Win Sloan Sundance Grants
March Science And Film Goings On
One Woman’s Trip To Mars In Spaceman
Film About Tyrone Hayes In Development
Ross Kauffman On New Doc TIGERLAND
Preview of Science Films at CPH:DOX
April Science And Film Goings On
Puppet Play Chimpanzee, Based on True Events
Kifaru, The Last Male Rhino
Five Film Projects Win Grants From Tribeca-Sloan Program
Aniara: Life After Earth
Preview Of Science Films At Tribeca
Mesmer And Mme. Paradis
New Documentary About Antibiotic Resistance
May Science & Film Goings On
Stealing Ur Feelings
Director Liza Mandelup On Jawline
Brain-Computer Interfaces: I Am Human Premiere
Judi Dench As The “Granny Spy” in Red Joan
Inaugural Science & Tech TV Pilot Competition
Premiere Of The Hot Zone
Origins Of The Laser Light Show At MoMI
June Science And Film Goings On
Dog In The Woods
SFFILM And Sloan Announce New Opportunity
“The Sex Raft” of 1973
The Story of Ada Lovelace: From Screenplay to Novel
Barnett Brettler’s Insomniac Horror Film
July Science & Film Goings On
Tom Jennings and Mike Massimino on the 17 Apollo Missions
Around the Sun Tours Festivals
Carla Ching on AMC Studios Developing Fast Company
Science + Technology Script Competition Names First Winner
Jeff Goldblum as Lobotomist in The Mountain
Netflix's The Great Hack
Watch Afronauts: Inspired By The Zambian Space Academy
August Science & Film Goings On
The Consequences Of One Child Nation
The Decline Of Lobotomies: Rick Alverson On The Mountain
Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Thomas Edison In The Current War
Preview Of Science Films At TIFF
Victor Kosskovsky On Making Aquarela
September Science & Film Goings On
In VR, Subterranean Worlds of Science and Spirituality
Preview Of Science Films At NYFF
Sea Fever: Monster Or Endangered Animal?
The Aeronauts: Balloonists Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones
The Antenna: Simulation or Reality?
AD ASTRA: Science Advisor To The Stars
Directors Juliano Dornelles & Kleber Filho on Bacurau
Whistling as Code in The Whistlers
October Science & Film Goings On
Internet Comes To Bhutan: Sing Me A Song
New TV Pilot About Science Pioneer & LGBTQ Icon Louise Pearce
Experimental Film Inspirations for Ad Astra
From TIFF: Jessica Sarah Rinland’s Debut Documentary Feature
Lost Cities: An Engineer and Explorer Learns Ancient Lessons
Brandon Cronenberg’s New Films
Six New Projects Win $190k In Sloan Grants From NYU
Watch Mood Keep: Forever Young on a Dying Planet
November Science & Film Goings On
Pandemic Story: New Screenplay Wins Women In Film/Black List Award
Malick’s Voyage of Time: Science Advisor Andrew Knoll
Film Recreates Silicon Valley In New York
Plants Have Feelings: Jessica Hausner’s Little Joe
December Science & Film Goings On
The Aeronauts and More Awarded Sloan-SFFILM Prizes
Adventures Of A Mathematician Makes Its World Premiere
Science At Sundance 2020: Preview
Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominate To Dust
2001 At MoMI: Curators Preview Exhibition
New Film About Chemistry Pioneer Alice Ball
Unwitting Victims: Jeff Orlowski on The Social Dilemma
Algae and Fungi Meet Film: Sundance Short Lichen
Three Projects Win TFI-Sloan Discretionary Funds
Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor At Sundance
Pigeons and Geniuses: Michael Almereyda Discusses Tesla
Risking Life For The Okavango
Radu Ciorniciuc And Vali Enache On Acasă, My Home
A Model For the Future: Matt Wolf’s Spaceship Earth
Love Letters From Everest
Preview Of Science Films At The Berlinale 2020
Formaldehyde Feast: The Poison Squad & History of U.S. Food
Semina Il Vento At The Berlinale
Watch Stella For Star, A New Sloan-Supported Short Film
Story of the Radium Girls Comes to Theaters
Shalini Kantayya Considers Algorithmic Justice in Coded Bias
Interview with Bacurau Filmmakers
Experiencing Lack of Smell?: Watch Nose Hair About Anosmia
An Experiment in Social Isolation: Red Heaven
Bringing The Universe To Earth: Neil deGrasse Tyson On Cosmos
Communicating From Afar: The Whistlers’s Corneliu Porumboiu
The Etymology of Quarantine, A Short Film
Home Cooking: “The Mother” vs. Packaged Yeast
Ignaz Semmelweis and the Origins of Hand Washing
Hysterical Girl: Kate Novack on Freud and “Me Too”
Four Scripts Win $150,000 From TFI-Sloan Program
The Man Who Tried To Feed The World
Freud Consultant, Psychoanalyst & Hypnotherapist Juan Rios
Meet the Filmmaker: Sloan Film The Wood Thrush
Ernst Karel and Veronika Kusumaryati’s Expedition Content
Science on Screen Presents Spaceship Earth
Filmmaker Ira Goryainova On Hot Docs Selection Bile
Sniffles And Sneezes
Six New Films Win $160,000 In Sloan Grants
June Science & Film Goings On
Exploring Space Dreams & Afrofuturism
Interview with Hot Docs Filmmaker Alessandro Cattaneo
Sisters with Transistors: Women Pioneers of Electronic Music
Disaster, Recovery, and Resistance: Cecilia Aldarondo on Landfall
Scientists Explore Poet Marianne Moore’s The Fish
New Film ASIA A Explores Sports And Injury
Horror at The Beach House
Contagion Revisited By Its Screenwriter and Science Advisor
New Science + Tech Winner at North Fork TV Festival
Brandon Cronenberg's Inspiration For Possessor
August Watching Recommendations
Online Premiere of Distemper
Carpe Diem? Amy Seimetz on She Dies Tomorrow
Experiment in 3-D Computer Animation Rediscovered
Michael Almereyda's Tesla And His 21st Century Films
The Fear Inside: Egor Abramenko on Sputnik
Director Jeff Orlowski on The Social Dilemma
From Stray Dog to Space Dog
Flashback to Frasier, The Sensuous Lion
Director Interview, Oliver Sacks: His Own Life
Physics Easter Eggs In Bill & Ted Face The Music
The Science Advisor Behind Netflix’s Away
AWAY From Earth: Interview With Producer Jeff Rafner
Interview With Latif Nasser, Host of Netflix's Connected
NYFF Coverage: Her Name Was Europa
Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal: Art Director Scott Wills
Radium Girls Comes To Theaters
Director Interview: My Octopus Teacher
Science Films At DOCNYC
Virus Hunters: Epidemiologist Chris Golden
Sally Ride and TFNGs
Director Interview: The Reason I Jump
Tim Heidecker Talks Moonbase 8
Science Films at Art of the Real
Behind the Scenes With Greta Thunberg In I Am Greta
Sloan Film Adventures Of A Mathematician Gets Distribution
A Non-Paternity Event: Baby God
Filmmakers Discuss Their New Thriller Run
Ammonite Wins Sloan Science in Cinema Prize
Premiere Of Sloan Short Under Darkness
Preview of Science at Sundance 2021
Elizebeth Friedman, The First Codebreaker
Adventures Of A Mathematician Makes NY Premiere
Science and Technology’s Grand Promises

Sloan-winning Films At Sundance, SFFILM, and NYU
Jane Schoenbrun on We're All Going To The World's Fair
Sundance: The Pink Cloud

Sundance Sloan Winner Son of Monarchs

Sundance: Playing with Sharks

Premiere: Sloan Short Variables
New Film About Lewis H. Latimer

Old and New in Bacurau
Women-centered Films at the Athena Film Festival
SXSW Director Interview, Lázaro Ramos on Executive Order
SXSW: David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg on We Are as Gods
Cinematic Dream: Anthony Scott Burns on Come True
Science Films at CPH: DOX
Interview: Jessica Sarah Rinland
New Horror Film Honeydew

Someone not Something: Victor Kossakovsky on Gunda
Filmmaker Interview: Stowaway
Interview with The Knick's Medical Advisor
David Burke & Phil Kennedy: Father of the Cyborgs at Tribeca
The Girlfriend Experience: AI Advisor and Director Interview
Online Premiere: Two New Sloan Shorts
Theo Anthony on All Light, Everywhere
Mindaugas Survila on The Ancient Woods
Preview of Science Films at the Tribeca Film Festival
To Go Where No One Has Gone: Titanic Explorer Bob Ballard
Director Interview: Jessica Kingdon's Ascension at Tribeca
Sloan Short Premiere: Rommel Villa's Sweet Potatoes
Interview with Cherien Dabis: What the Eyes Don’t See
Science in Sci Fi: Writer Ian Shorr
Director Interview: IFC Midnight's Settlers
Sloan Pilots at the North Fork TV Festival
Online Premiere: Sloan Short The Chef
Hayley Garrigus on You Can't Kill Meme

Johns Hopkins Science Review: Usefulness of Useless Knowledge
A COVID Counternarrative: Nanfu Wang on In the Same Breath
The Existential Threat of A Hole

Science Films at TIFF 2021

Science Films at NYFF59

Maria Schrader's I'm Your Man: Dan Stevens on Being a Robot
Director Interview: Juanjo Giménez on Out of Sync
NYFF: All of Your Stars Are but Dust on My Shoes
Gaspar Noé on Vortex
E. Chai Vasarhelyi & Jimmy Chin: The Details of The Rescue
Liz Garbus on Becoming Cousteau
Pablo Weber on Homage to the Work of Philip Henry Gosse
Climate Refugees: Newtok

A Race to the Bottom: Shannon Walsh on The Gig is Up
Artificial Gamer: Humans vs. The Bot
Daniel Dae Kim on Playing Agent Ryker in The Hot Zone
Kelly Souders on The Hot Zone: Anthrax
Michael Bilandic's COVID Comedy: Project Space 13
Sundance Sloan Feature Film Winner and Program
Francesca Panetta and Halsey Burgund on Deepfakes
Director Interview: The Velvet Queen
Iuli Gerbase on The Pink Cloud
Dorothy Fortenberry on Climate Storytelling
Director Interview: Kogonada on After Yang

The Dystopian and Utopian of TikTok in TikTok, Boom.

Surviving Together: Mika McKinnon on Moonfall
Roland Emmerich on Moonfall and Disaster Movies
Living with Disasters: Economist Sonali Deraniyagala Considers WOMAN IN THE DUNES
Happiness in VRChat: Joe Hunting on We Met in Virtual Reality
DES Daughter Caitlin McCarthy on Wonder Drug
Gagarine: Interview with Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh
Director Interview: David France's How to Survive a Pandemic
Director Interview: Jane Schoenbrun on We're All Going To The World's Fair
Director Interview: Married Microbiologists in THE INVISIBLE EXTINCTION
Writer Anna Symon on The Essex Serpent
Director Interview: Jacquelyn Mills on GEOGRAPHIES OF SOLITUDE
Mali Elfman's Ghost Universe: Next Exit
A Volcanic Love Story: Sara Dosa on FIRE OF LOVE
Director Interview: Mounia Akl on COSTA BRAVA, LEBANON
Science Consultant Melanie Windridge on THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH
Director Interview: Sophie Jarvis on Until Branches Bend
Filmmaker Interview: How to Blow Up a Pipeline
Director Interview: Chie Hayakawa’s Plan 75
Gabriela Cowperthwaite and Nate Halverson on The Grab
Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor on DE HUMANI CORPORIS FABRICA
Director Interview: ALL THAT BREATHES
Director Interview: Ryan White on GOOD NIGHT OPPY
Clive Oppenheimer on Film, Volcanos, and Katia and Maurice Krafft
Director Interview: Stéphane Lafleur on VIKING
Science at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival
Top Science Films and TV Shows in 2022
Meet the Filmmaker: Ryan Craver
KING COAL Director Elaine McMillion Sheldon

Ruth Reichl and Laura Gabbert on FOOD AND COUNTRY

Made By Human: Sophie Barthes on THE POD GENERATION
Director Interview: And the King Said, What a Fantastic Machine
Preview of Science Films at the 2023 Berlinale
Director Interview: Colin West on LINOLEUM
HERE at the Berlinale

Director Interview: Ian Cheney on THE ARC OF OBLIVION

Alice Ball and THE BALL METHOD
Director Interview: PLAN 75
Director Interview: Sam Green on 32 SOUNDS
Director Interview: Natalie Cubides-Brady on THE VEILED CITY
Interview: Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan Biopic
Listening to Women: DEAD RINGERS Consultant Erin Guerriero
Layer by Layer: Interview with Artist Linnéa Gad
Being the Protagonist: Penny Lane on CONFESSIONS OF A GOOD SAMARITAN
Nuclear Feelings: Irene Lusztig on RICHLAND

Director Interview: Steve James on A COMPASSIONATE SPY
Director Interview: Matt Johnson on BLACKBERRY
Director Interview: Mahalia Belo on THE END WE START FROM

Director Interview: Clair Titley on THE CONTESTANT

Director Interview: Christopher Zalla on RADICAL
LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY Science Advisor Jessica Parr
Director Interview: Liza Mandelup on CATERPILLAR

Director Interview: Matthew Brown on FREUD'S LAST SESSION

Reanimating the Dead: The Filmmakers of ETERNAL YOU

Behind Bhutan's Happy Image: AGENT OF HAPPINESS

Foregrounding Nature: Bas Devos on HERE

Beginning of the End: Bertrand Bonello on THE BEAST
Director Interview: Ryûsuke Hamaguchi on EVIL DOES NOT EXIST
Director Interview: Chad Freidrichs on THE CINEMA WITHIN
Revisiting Gabriela Cowperthwaite and Nate Halverson on THE GRAB
Revisiting Daniel Goleman on INSIDE OUT