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Four Films Based On True Stories Win Sloan Sundance Grants

This year's winners of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation-Sundance Institute grants are all inspired by true stories. Each project is in script-stage, and the four have received a total of $75,000 plus year-round support from the Sundance Institute to develop the stories. The winning films are:

CHALLENGER, written by Skye Emerson, depicts the journey of prominent astrophysicist Sally Ride who was the first American woman in space.

THE NEW MIRACLE, written by Gillian Weeks, is set in 1978 in Northern England and tells the story of the first baby born via in vitro fertilization. This is the second Sloan award the film has received–in 2018 it won the Tribeca FIlm Insitute-Sloan Filmmaker Fund Prize.

DELTA-V, written by Neilkanth Dave and Zachary Parris, is an episodic pilot based loosely on the writes' family histories. Set in 1972 at NASA’s Space Center in Houston, Texas, the story follows a newlywed Indian scientist working on the future of space travel.

Anthony Onah’s GOLIATH is based on the true story of African-American scientist Tyrone Hayes who, after discovering the harmful effects of a leading pesticide, gets into a fierce battle with a chemical giant.

Stay tuned to Science & Film for more as these projects develop.