Max Tegmark on the Future of AI

Max Tegmark, founder of the Future of Life Institute and a professor at MIT, told producer Nadja Oertelt that “there is no law of physics that says we can’t build machines more intelligent than us in all ways.” Given this, Tegmark thinks that people may build artificially intelligent beings smarter than humans this generation. Thus, humans need to begin envisioning the kind of world that they want to exist in, as these machines could help solve many of the world’s current problems.

Does that mean that the government will become a technocracy, ruled by the laws of logic as in ALPHAVILLE? Will such a society prevent humans from making self-destructive decisions? What about dignity, and self-respect?

Oertelt’s video, with animation by Tim Divall, is available below and on the new web platform Massive which helps to make scientific research more accessible.