Tribeca-Sloan Program Picks New Winners

Two feature film scripts, one about the first test tube baby and the other about a female electricity expert, have been awarded grants from the Tribeca Film Institute-Sloan Foundation partnership. Each film receives $75,000 towards its development. THE NEW MIRACLE, written by Gillian Weeks, is based on the true story of the conception of the first baby via In Vitro Fertilization in Britain in the 1970s. THE SPARK follows Radha, a talented female electricity expert. It is written by Ruth Greenberg, will be directed by Eva Weber, and produced by Sophie Vicker.

The jury which selected THE SPARK and THE NEW MIRACLE for the TFI-Sloan Filmmaker Fund grants included actor Corey Stoll (HOUSE OF CARDS), producer Wren Arthur, NEON executive Darcy Heusel, astrophysicist Anjali Tripathi, and evolutionary biologist Mark Siddall.

Past recipients of the TFI-Sloan Filmmaker Fund include THE CATCHER WAS A SPY which made its world premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, and THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW, starring Ellen Burstyn and Asa Butterfield, which is now in theaters. Science & Film has a database of all previous winners.