On Triple Canopy: Frank Heath’s On The Beach

In artist Frank Heath’s video series for the online magazine Triple Canopy, a filmmaker played by Jesse Wakeman (DONALD CRIED) goes with his cameraman to unexpected places. In “Made To Be Found” (2015), Wakeman roams a department store looking for inspiration for how to visualize the words of physicists speaking about their work on the Large Hadron Collider. In the second installment, “A Prime Condition” (2017), Wakeman finds film enthusiasts and preservationists in a deep vault which archives films and a DVD store in the New York subway. Both videos, which are under 20 minutes, have been released online. A third installment, “Midnight Sun,” will premiere at Triple Canopy’s New York space on June 6 with Heath in person.

Heath’s videos are part of a multi-year series that was commissioned by Triple Canopy. Titled “On the Beach,” the series “considers the relationship between the technologies pushing us toward collapse and the apocalyptic scenarios we incessantly invent.” Upcoming episodes in will be set at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which collects native seeds from around the world and the Crypt of Civilization, a time capsule located in Atlanta buried in 1941 and is set to be opened in the year 8113.

Frank Heath works in sculpture, installation, and video. His video work played at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2017, and he edited the 2016 comedy DONALD CRIED that played at Locarno and SXSW. Heath had exhibitions at the Swiss Institute, The Kitchen, and at Simone Subal Gallery in New York, amongst other places including showing internationally.