Sloan-Awarded Films

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awards grants to films at various stages of development that tackle science and technology themes and characters. This website hosts the only comprehensive database of these 750+ projects and their makers dating back to 1995. The database is sortable by award, granting institution, and scientific subject matter.

The Aquanauts  - Rachel Caccese    

The Calling    

The Cancer Detectives: The Trailblazer…  - Amanda Pollak ,  Gene Tempest    

Citrus Green  - María Cristina ,  Fernando Morett Garza  

Eruption  - Katla Sólnes  

For Such a Time  - Gretchen Suárez-Peña  

Inverses  - Lizzi Oyebode  

Join or Die  

Love Me  - Andy Zuchero ,  Sam Zuchero      

Mute Evidence  - Cece Wheeler    

On the Invention of Species  - Tania Hermida

Salton Sea  - Derin Çelik        

Stranded  - Raina Yang  

Tamarack  - Elle Thoni        

The Thallium Murders  - Katie Kirk  

Acids  - Tamar Feinkind  

Author A  - James Brown  

Behind the Curtain

BlackBerry  - Matt Johnson  

Cards of Heart  - Marielle Brady  

Centaur  - Sahand Nikoukar  

Cloud Club  - Jamie Olah  

The Countess  - Irina Rodriguez    

The Demon Core  - John Zachary Thurman  

Do You Have a Name  -  Xiaolong Wang ,  Bohan Zhang      

The Feather Detective  - Mayanka Goel  

Fitting In  - Molly McGlynn  

Folsom Man  - Kristen Edney    

The Garden  - Lara Palmqvist    

Henry  - Katherine Burns  

Hold Time for Me  - Fradique .  

Incompleteness  - John Lopez  

Killling Jar  - Vivienne Shaw  

La Forza  - Justine Beed  

Leonardo da Vinci  - Ken Burns ,  Sarah Burns ,  David McMahon

Light Mass Energy  - Cynthia Lowen  

McNair  - Nile Price  

One Art  - Meg Dudley    

Oppenheimer  - Christopher Nolan    

The Pod Generation  - Sophie Barthes    

Poisoned Ground: The Tragedy at Love C…  - Jamila Ephron    

The Professor and the Spy  - Benjy Steinberg  

Radical  - Christopher Zalla    

Resistance – They Fought Back  - Paula Apsell ,  Kirk Wolfinger

Satoshi  - David Rafailedes ,  Sara Crow    

Secrets in Your Data  - David Alvarado ,  Jason Sussberg  

Silence = Death  - Trace Pope  

The Smallest Whale in the World  - Jasmin Tenucci ,  Maggi Briggs

Smoke Country  - Fiona Hardingham  

Suna  - Lara Miller  

Talk Black  - Destiny Macon  

Tektite  - Emily Everhard          

This Engineer Becomes A Barista  - Leslie Zeng    

To Fade Away  -  Camille Hamadé ,  Yasmeen Gholmieh      

Too Many Fish in the Sea  - Sally Seitz  

Two Halves  - Mia Karle  

Untitled John Lilly Project  - Michael Almereyda ,  Courtney Stephens    

Vishniac  - Laura Bialis  

Visible  - James Bearhart  

After Yang  - Kogonada .  

At the Heart of Everything  - Mayanka Goel    

Bat Boy  - Aaron Lemle  

Cloak & Data  - Christopher Au    

Confetti  - Spencer Grammer      

Copycats  -  Mattan Hamou    

Drift  - Trà Nguyen  

The Gatekeeper  - Jennifer Vanderbes    

Genome  - Abigail Yaffe  

Georgette in the Garden  - Nina Cochran ,  Grace Philips    

Hoping  - Eric Yang  

Linoleum  - Colin West  

A Man with a Missing Face  - Temi Ojo    

Mileva  - Nicola Lanthier-Rogers ,  Emilija Gašić    

Novas  - Molly Lindsey  

Our Dark Lady  - Kathryn Lo      

The Peculiar Case of J. Marion Sims  - Samantha Chamblee

Plague at the Golden Gate  

Public Health  -  Myra Aquino  

Saving Little Hope  - Beth Ann Powers    

Stellar Collision  - Kandace James  

Theatre of Thought  - Werner Herzog      

Toxic Bloom  - Ezra Lerner    

Until Then We Keep Breathing  - Samantha Sewell    

When It Thaws  - Anika Benkov  

White Tooth  - Cody Pearce  

Woodside  - Gerard Shaka    

Wuasikamas  - Juan Paulo Laserna    

Airborne  - Christopher Au  

Balam  - Guillermo Casarín    

Bound by Ice  - Nancy Kates    

The Bug Witch  - Tracy Hoida  

Carrion  - SF Hartley  

Chariot  - Alyssa Loh    

The Cliff  - Sam Goodner    

The Codebreaker      

Crown Delights Deli  

Delta  - Juli Jackson    

Don't Look Up      

Elegy For A Glacier  - Stephanie Falkeis ,  Nicholas Nyhof  

Father of The Cyborgs    

The Fearfully Great  - Mattan Hamou    

Fishes & Phages  - Jonathan Sethna  

The Harvard Computers  - Jennifer 8. Lee ,  Graham Sack  

How to Survive a Pandemic  - David France      

In Silico  - Noah Hutton    

In Vitro Veritas  - Catherine Loerke  

Life  - W. Y. Geng  

The Lion and the Firebird  - Daniel Byers ,  Fernando González Ortiz  

Mammoth Bay  - Alec Seymour  

Mary Mallon  - Anna Vecellio  

Moving Bangladesh  - Nuhash Humayun    

One Hand Washes The Other  - Malique Guinn  

Pharmacopeia  - Tania Taiwo  

Push It!  - Mirella Christou    

Roots That Reach Toward The Sky  - Jess X. Snow ,  Kit Yan  

Secrets In Our DNA    

The Seed of Truth  - W. Y. Geng  

Shattered Faces  - Ariane Hahusseau    

Shelter  - Tony Shi  

Silent Spring  - Elise H. Greven  

Silo  - Cole Smith  

Son of Monarchs  - Alexis Gambis  

Terroir  - Mark Ingber  

Typhoid Mary  - Rachel Ward  

Upstreamers  - Felix van Kann ,  Cecilia Otero    

Vemork  - Malcolm Quinn Silver-Van Meter    

Yes Chef and The Mushroom King  - Ramzi Bashour  

Ammonite  - Francis Lee    

Bag Lady  - Kristin Curtis ,  Max McGillivray    

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Se…  - Tasha Van Zandt  

Blackout  - Hasan Hadi  

Clamming  - Zoe Fleer

The Code of Family  - Kayla Sun  

Code of Virtue  - Rom Lotan

Coded Bias  - Shalini Kantayya      

Cosmonaut  - Asia Khmelova  

Dead Planet  - Hallie McPherson    

Dolphinella  - Jen Zhao  

The Futurist  - Shawn Snyder ,  Jason Begue    

Going Dutch  - Kate Condé Hamilton    

H-4 Brides  - Yugandhara Muthukrishnan  

Heather's Voice  - Shicong Zhu  

Higher  - Courtney Smith  

Holdfast  - Matthew Johnson    

The Home Front  - Rosalind Grush  

It Might As Well Be Spring  - Ben Eckersley  

Jason  - Harry Bartle    

Kokoro  - James Bearhart    

Launch Fever  - Sabrina Ehlert  

Let There Be Light  - Jon K. Jones    

LIFTOFF  - Katherine Ruppe    

Loddlenaut  - Jin-Young Sohn ,  Ricardo Escobar  

A Long Time Ago...  - Steven Kreager  

The Long Year Town  - Alec Seymour      

The Man Who Tried To Feed The World      

Metamorphosis: Thyota's Journey  - Joanna Shen  

Neon Tilapia  - Tony Koros    

Northern Lights  - Marian Whitaker  

Phantom  - Jennifer Noonan    

Picture a Scientist  - Sharon Shattuck ,  Ian Cheney        

Pink Desert  - Constanza Majluf  

The Plutonians  - Tim Delaney ,  Shao Min Chew Chia   

The Poison Squad  

Power Trip: The Story of Energy      

The Printer  - Greg Swong    

Ray of Life  - Kate Sheffield  

The Sleepwatchers  - Yashna Malhotra    

Sort You Out  - Isabel Shill    

The Space Above Us  - Tracy Hoida    

Standard Error  - Bárbara Soares    

Starlight  - Marisa Torelli-Pedevska    

Superuser Do  - Zuff Idries  

Survived By  - William Moran    

Tadpole  - Ryan Craver    

Tesla  - Michael Almereyda    

Tidal Disruption  - Kiran Deol  

Activated  - Cara Greene Epstein  

The Aeronauts  - Tom Harper      

Asia A  - Andrew Reid  

The Bit Player  - Mark Levinson    

BOLICHICOS  - Juan Avella ,  Diego Nájera  

The Bone Wars  - Ilana Rozin ,  Megan Carroll  

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind  - Chiwetel Ejiofor  

A Bridge Between Us  - Gina Hackett  

Challenger  - Skye Emerson      

Chasing the Moon        

DELTA-V  - Neilkanth Dave ,  Zachary Parris    

Distemper  - Maxwell Pitagno ,  Elias Plagianos  

Dust to Dust  - Sowmya Ashokkumar  

The Fog Catcher  - Avi Kabir    

The Friends I Made and the Zombies I H…  - Liz Baker  

Goliath  - Anthony Onah  

The Handshake  - Anton Kudryashov      

Hot Air  - Urvashi Pathania    

Hot Stuff  - D.T. Burns  

Kalpana  - Guneet Monga ,  Rahul Chittella    

Look Who's Driving    

Love Genome  - Brandy N. Carie  

Lucky 13  - Denise Meyers    

Mabel  - Nicholas Ma  

Mac Goes Back  - Rudi Vanzin  

Malpelo  - Victoria Rivera ,  Camila Zavala    

Nightingale's Bloom  - Mary Elder      

Plus  - Andrew Rodriguez    

Psychedelic  - Todd Goodlett    

Red Planet Farming  - Nina Demirjian ,  Noah Lee    

Scarce  - Mrittika 'Mou' Sarin    


She Sells Sea Shells  - Aidan West    

Sound to Sea  - Ryan Craver  

This Wild Abyss  - Thomas Mendolia  

The Village of Heptyl  - Kamila Daurenova    

Welcome to the Scene  - Justin S. Lee  

White Coffins  - Matthew Jackett  

Wire & Cloth  - Swetha Regunathan    

Wiring Utopia  - David Barker ,  Jerónimo Rodriguez    

The Wood Thrush  - Peter Forbes ,  Jungyoon Kim  

Young Tesla  - Hector Coles    

All The Shades of You  - Lauren D’Errico  

All the Stars She Bears  - So Young Shelly Yo    

The Ball Method  - Dag Abebe  

Baretia  - Jamil Munoz      

Black Hole Apocalypse  

The Chef  - Hao Zheng      

Dear Miss Leavitt  - Jessica Gonzalez    

The Eugenics Crusade    

First Man  - Damien Chazelle ,  Josh Singer      

Fixation  - Jacob Marx Rice  

Flat  - Anderson Cook    

A Glimpse Through the Haze  - D.T. Burns  

A Hole  - Molly Murphy  

Hyper Ecofarm  - Shiyun "Vanilla" Liu  

Into the Void  - Ciara Doll ,  Yossera Bouchtia    

Katie Wright  - C. Wrenn Ball  

Let There Be Life  - Gillian Weeks  

Marimonda  - Belinda Schmid  

The Mast Year  - Gillian Beth Durkee  

Monsters of Philadelphia  - Halia Meguid    

Mors Dag [Mother's Day]  - Jeanine Frost    

The Mushroomers  - Erica Liu  

Nerve  - Shirley Miller  

Night Witches  - Nic Yulo  

A Safe Guide To Dying  - Froso Tsipopoulou ,  Dimitris Tsilifonis  

The Sea Dragon  - Adam Sharp    

Searching  - Aneesh Chaganty ,  Sev Ohanian  

The Secret of Tuxedo Park  

Silicon Valley: The Untold Story  

Solvay  - Hector Coles  

Something in the Water  - Josalynn Smith  

The Spark  - Ruth Greenberg ,  Eva Weber ,  Sophie Vickers  

Starcatcher  - Rachel Main ,  Jacqueline Christy  

Sweet Potatoes  - Rommel Villa  

The Trees  - Ramzi Bashour  

Untitled J.P. Morgan Project  - John Lopez  

User Zero  - Ria Tobaccowala      

What the Eyes Don't See  - Cherien Dabis  

Adventures of a Mathematician  - Thor Klein ,  Lena Vurma  

Age of Reptiles  - Michael Kogge  

Blueshift  - Tim O’Connor  

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story  

The Buzzbots  - Whitney Rowland  

Dark Web  - Mark Eaton ,  Ron Najor  

Designer Kids  - Raeann Dunn  

FIDO  - Ruby Mateo  

Hanger's Limb  - Joel Santner  

Imprint  - Jennifer Sherman  

Invisible Islands  - Emily Lobsenz  

Ivory Hunt  - David Calbert  

Knights In Newark  - Christopher Dominguez Abeel ,  Nic Yulo  

Lamara  - Amber Ha  

Levittown  - Adam Benic  

Little Leper  - Greg Wayne  

Marjorie Prime  - Michael Almereyda  

The Mars Generation  - Alyson Weaver Nicholas  

More Human Than Human  - Tommy Pallotta ,  Femke Wolting  

A New Prophet  - Rezwan Shahriar Sumit  

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life  - Ric Burns    

One Man Dies a Million Times  - Jessica Oreck  

Percy Spencer and the Radarange  - Jess Honovich  

The Race Underground  

Rachel Carson  

Radiant  - Annika Glac ,  Robyn Kershaw  

Semya  - Niki Sharirli  

Seven Eternities  - Mirella Christou  

Sheepish  - Daniel Hirsch  

Stella for Star  - Nick Singer  

Under Glass  - Noelia Rodríguez Deza  

Untitled Smallpox Eradication Project  - Jamie Dawson  

The Valley of Dry Bones  - Jeremy Palmer  

Variables  - Sabina Vajrača  

Bell  - Darcy Brislin ,  Dyana Winkler  

The Burning Season  - Jenny Halper ,  Kate Sharp  

Computer Girls  - Lauren Dineley  

Containment  - Mitali Jahagirdar  

Cradle  - Devon Manney  

Crick in the Holler  - Ursula Ellis  

The Dark Lady of DNA  - Michael Clarkson  

Egghead Genius  - Mora V. Harris  

Embrace of the Serpent  - Ciro Guerra  

Fountain of Youth  - Ronak Shah  

The Glowing Gene  - Annie Pulsipher  

The Gold Bug Variations  - Mark Levinson  

Hidden Figures  - Theodore Melfi    

Human Terrain  - Parisa Barani ,  Jennifer Blackmer  

Li Shan  - Wenqi You  

Lucy In The Sky  - Jen Rudin  

Magic ‘85  - Annika Kurnick  

Mendel  - Owen Bell  

A Motivated Man  - Christopher Dominguez Abeel  

Radioactive Boy Scout  - Eric D. Cohen  

Salk  - Christopher Greenslate  

Space Men  

The Stargazer of Samarkand  - Vincent Kazer  


Traitorous  - Daniel Hirsch  

TV in the Fish Tail  - Iesh Thapar  

Under Darkness  - Caroline Friend  

Wasteland  - Jennifer Coates  

With These Eyes  - Evan Kelman  

Archive  - Jonathan Minard ,  Scott Rashap  

Arkansas Auguries  - Julianne Jigour  

The Bridge  - Nicholas Weiss-Richmond  

The Catcher Was A Spy  - Ben Lewin ,  Jim Young  

Clarity  - Dustin Brown      

Colossus  - Eugenie Carabatsos  

Dark Forest  - Elena Greenlee  

The Electromagnetic Heart  - Christopher Greenslate  

Enfect  - Bo Shim  

Family Brew  - Jennifer Edwards  

Haxxors  - Callum Smith  

The House of Tomorrow  - Peter Livolsi ,  Tarik Karam  

The Kitchen Chemist's War  - Arkesh Ajay  

The Martian  - Ridley Scott  

The Mulsanne Corner  - Luiz Tassi  

Otzi  - Cutter Hodierne ,  John Hibey  

Picking Cotton  - Jessica Sanders  

The Pill  - Dan Giles  

Remembrance  - Catalina Matamoros Puerto      

The River Gods  - Levi Jelks  

Rougarou  - Brennan Peters  

Sonic Boom  - Alex Cannon  

Spacey  - Kate Gleason  

The Stanford Prison Experiment  - Kyle Patrick Alvarez  

To Dust  - Shawn Snyder ,  Jason Begue  

Typhus  - Jon Noble  

Afronauts  - Nuotama Bodomo ,  Isabella Wing-Davey    

Alara  - Kristin Vogelsong  

Ampersand  - Erin Shea  

Antarctica  - Julianne Jigour  

D'Arline  - Christina Jobe  

Deep Sea Divers of 1929  - Savannah Reich  

Deepsea Challenge  

Drunk Science  - David Ahia  

The Dust  - Amanda Brennan  

Final Jeopardy  - Alexa Polivka  

Finding Tom Harvey  - Josh Ginsburg  

The Flight of the Wasp  - Andrea Brusa  

Getting In  - Stian Hafstad  

The House of Wisdom  - Brennan Peters  

I Origins  - Mike Cahill  

The Imitation Game  - Morten Tyldum  

Jane  - Kendell Klein  

The Loneliest  - Lilian Mehrel  

LoveLog  - Joshua McVeigh-Schultz  

A Lucky Man  - Anna Gutto  

The Man Who Wore a Sanitary Pad  - Rohan Narula  

Palimpsest  - Ben Nabors ,  Michael Tyburski  

Particle Fever  - Mark Levinson  

Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power  

The Rise and Fall of Penn Station  

Science Fair The Musical  - Tracy Potter  

The Sound of Silence  - Michael Tyburski ,  Ben Nabors  

Spark  - Juan Martinez Vera  

Spring Offensive  - Matthew McInerney-Lacombe  

Survival of the Fittest  - Laura Alsum  

Traits  - Krystal Foster  

Zoya  - Sahirr Sethhi  

The Absence Sonata  - Thomas Martin  

Blow Out  - Berkley Brady      

The Brain Mirror  - Liz Kim  

Breath of Life  - Megan Morrison  

The Buried Life  - Joan Stein Schimke ,  Averie Storck ,  Summer Shelton  

Cain  - Zijian Yan  

Decoding Annie Parker  - Steven Bernstein  

Devil’s Work  - Miguel Silveira  

Doctor  - Musa Syeed  

Enclosure  - Ben Kopit  

Ex-Closure  - Laci Corridor  

Francis Turnbull  - David Schwab  

Frank’s World: And Tales of the Fear…  - Christopher Munch  

Fritz Haber  - Dan Hasse  

Hardbat  - Zack Schamberg  

Hedy's Folly  - Diane Kruger ,  Bathsheba Doran  

The Infinite  - Joseph Yeh  

The Manhattan Project  - Ashley Sims  

Mira  - Amanda Tasse  

Newton's Laws of Emotion  - Eugene Ramos  

Nuoc 2030  - Nghiem-Minh Nguyen-Vo  

The Oldest Man Alive  - Antonio Tibaldi  

Origin  - Leah Franqui  

The Poisoner's Handbook  

Prodigal Summer  - Nicole Kassell  

Radium Girls  - Brittany Shaw ,  Ginny Mohler ,  Lydia Dean Pilcher  

The Rain Collector  - Isabella Wing-Davey  

Sensitivity Training  - Melissa Finell  

Silicon Valley  

Standing8  - Michael Minard  

Starry Night  - Paxton Farrar  

Station Blackout  - Matt Black ,  Laurence Vannicelli  

Stealth  - Bennett Lasseter ,  Melissa Hoppe  

Tides  - Risto Tuominen  

Undone  - Corina Maritescu  

Unnatural Science  - Kendell Klein  

Venus Transit  - Giulia Corda  

APP  - Alexander Berman  

The Buck Decision  - Laura Oaksmith  

Capturing the Stars  - Kate Mickere  

Computer Chess  - Andrew Bujalski  

Edge of Manhattan  - David McCracken  

Grand Coulee Dam  

Hildegard's Heir  - Jessica Baclesse  

Hunting the Elements  

The King's Pawn  - Darren Anderson ,  Jonah Bleicher  

The Lost Coast  - Kathryn Bancroft  

Mary & the Moon  - Dawn Spinella  

Nose Hair  - Louis Morton  

Nuclear Aftershocks  

Nzara '76  - Jon Noble  

Operator  - Logan Kibens ,  Sharon Greene  

Resonance  - Dara Bratt  

Singularity  - Alyssa Weinberger  

The Tender Peel  - Ricardo Perez Gonzalez  

To Boldly Go  - Peter J. Roth  

Valley of Saints  - Musa Syeed  

Waking Hours  - Barnett Brettler  

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth  - Avram Dodson  

Wild Love  - Eben Portnoy  

Without Fire  - Eliza McNitt  

American Prometheus  - Robert Edwards  

Another Earth  - Mike Cahill  

A Birder's Guide to Everything  - Rob Meyer  

Born by Fire  - Morgan von Ancken  

Bypass  - Liliana Greenfield-Sanders  

The Chamber  - Eugenio Villamar  

The Collector's Gift  - Ryan Kravetz  

Dinosaur Wars  

El Diablo Rojo  - Brent Hoff  

The Fabric of the Cosmos  

Fault Zone  - Liz Ellison  

The Greely Expedition  

He Thought He Was Okay  - Chai Hecht  

How I Learned to Love Ketchup  - Dan O'Neil  

Marburg  - Jeremy Morris  

Negative Gs  - Keith Hedlund  

Panama Canal  

Paperclip  - Ioana Maria Uricaru  

Penny Stock  - Grainger David  

Photograph 51  - Anna Ziegler  

The Prisoner and the Professor  - Sheryl Glubok  

Red Hot Scoville  - Andrew Stamper  

Send More Chuck Berry  - Noah Miller  

Sin Dolor  - Joseph Greco  

Small, Beautifully Moving Parts  - Annie Howell    

The Sounds of Earth  - Noah Miller  

Stem  - Diane Bell  

Talking Book  - Lara Shapiro  

Televisionaries  - Evan I. Schwartz  

Three Light Bulbs  - Min Ding  

Visible Proof  - Gabil Sultanov  

Yellow Rain  - L. Warren Thompson  

Bed  - Cath Le Couteur  

Beneath Hill 60  - Jeremy Sims  

The Common Man  - A.E. Gray  

Dear Radioactive One  - Dan O'Neil  

The Devil's Teeth  - Paul Atkins  

Druid Peak  - Marni Zelnick  

Flood  - Katy Scoggin ,  Isabella Wing-Davey  

Future Weather  - Jenny Deller    

Into the Deep: America, Whaling & the …  

Letters to the Lobotomist  - Adam Weissman  

Magnetic  - Carolyn Kras  

Map of the Universe  - Tim Firth  

Midnight Sun  - Christopher Eigeman  

Mme. Curie  - Elizabeth Cotone  

Obselidia  - Diane Bell  

Out of the Blue  - Maggie Tran  

Project Alpha  - Noah Miller  

Second  - Jordan Hansen  

Tube Wars  - Todd Krainin  

Unmanned  - Casey Cooper Johnson  

Where the Sky Is Born  - Freddy Gaitan  

Who’s Who in Mycology  - Marie Dvorakova  

Willowbrook  - Ross Cohen  

You Can't Patent the Sun  - Meg Gifford  

Adam  - Max Mayer  

Agora  - Alejandro Amenabar  

Banker to the Poor  - Marco Amenta  

Blame It On My Youth  - Olive Gallagher  

The Botany of Desire  

Bystander  - Robert Cohen  

Cardigan Bay  - A.E. Gray  

Darwin's Darkest Hour  

The Good Side  - Georgia Lin  

The Infidel  - Alexander Davidson  

La Vida Robot  - Alex Rivera  

Lawrence and Brie  - CC Chainey  

May the Devil be Kinder  - Alexander Davidson  

On the Left  - Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt  

Paracusia  - Christopher Dreisbach  

The Polio Crusade  

Recognizing Morgan  - Marque Franklin-Williams  

Salk  - Dean Poynor  

Snow  - Isaac Ergas  

Soñadores  - Thenmozhi Soundararajan  

Sugar Pill  - Lisa Krueger  

Temma  - Anya Meksin  

Terrebonne  - Jeremy Craig  

They're Playing Basketball?  - Sam Lobel  

Three Gorges  - Jennifer Cho  

The Transformation  - Kirk Davis  

The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer  

Whale Watcher  - Jessica Ellis  

The Wizard of Sussex  - Matthew Nolte Evans  

Zero  - Kimberly Townes  

Zeroes and Ones  - Avi Zev Weider  

Alva  - Alex Lyras  

Boltzmann's Demon  - James Sandlin Ashby  

Book of Water  - Bradford Tatum  

Charm School for Primates  - Karen Odyniec  

Cockeyed  - Ryan Knighton  

Elemental  - Etana Jacobson  

Everybody Good  - Stephen Leggitt  

Experimenter  - Michael Almereyda  

Flash of Genius  - Marc Abraham  

For All Mankind  - Daniel Clifton  

Forever Wild  - Jeremy Craig  

Grand Central  

Grand Unification  - Lauren Gunderson  

Hunting the Hidden Dimension  

Kitty Hawk  - Tim Kirkman  

The Lobotomist  

The Magic Pill  - Matt Pedrolie  

The Man Who Knew Infinity  - Jim Young ,  Matthew Brown  

Mary Contrary  - Kate Buhrmaster  

May  - Jesse Israel  

A Noble Affair  - Kathryn Maughan  

Oceans  - Jacques Perrin  

On the Twilight of Tomorrow  - Alexander Davidson  

Play to Win  - Sam Mandegaran  

Pox  - Kristin Ellermann  

Prisoner's Dilemma  - Robert Cohen  

Reality Clock  - Amanda Tasse  

Signal  - Chris Farrington  

Sleep Dealer  - Alex Rivera  

The Ten Commandments According to Leo …  - Maureen Geralyn Johnson  

The Unifying Theory  - Edgar Mendoza  

Volition  - Samantha Manahan  

11 Weeks  - Dipesh Jain  

The Anatomists  - Pawel Grajnert  

The Art of Underwater Navigation  - Dylan Tuccillo  

Basmati Blues  - Monique Caulfield  

Dark Matter  - Chen Shi-zheng  

A Day in March  - Roberto Bentivegna  

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly  - Julian Schnabel  

A First Class Man  - David Freeman  

First In Flight  - Charles William Coulter  

Forgotten Genius  

Good Scents  - Aimee Gillette  

A Habitable World  - Rebecca Nesvet  

Healing Roots  - France-Luce Benson  

Here  - Braden King  

Humbug  - Xavier Tatarkiewicz  

Life in a Box  - Nidhi Verghese  

The Living Weapon  

The Man Who Won The War  - Matthew Bird  

Mortal Coil  - Michael Scotto  

Passerine: A Bird Duet  - Denise Iris  

The Profiteer  - Ian Shorr  

Ram Bambit  - Aimee Gillette  

SARAHN_12  - Sasie Sealy, Mark Heyman  

Stargazer  - Madeleine Holly-Rosing  

Stereopsis  - Joseph Singer  

Through the Air to Calais  - Joseph Mauceri  

Tymbals  - Filippo Conz  

Whaling City  - Jay Burke  

The Witness  - Ioana Maria Uricaru  

Wonder Drug  - Caitlin McCarthy    

The Alaska Pipeline  

Between Blood and Sand  - Mark Apicella  

Brilliant Pebbles  - Jeffrey Altshuler  

Chandra  - Bradley Richie  

Divine Mistress  - Christina Eliason  

The Ecdysiasts  - Mary F. Unser  

Extropy  - Jonathan Sanden  

Face Value  - Gretchen Somerfeld  

The Fountain  - Darren Aronofsky  

The Great Fever  

Hailey's Comet  - John Kazlauskas  

House of Sand  - Andrucha Waddington  

Kadya  - Eleanor Burke  

La Philosophe  - Christina Eliason  

The Mighty Hercules  - Kim Spurlock, David K. Chan  

Monkey Trials  - Christopher Dimond  

Not By Chance  - Phillip Barcinski  

One of a Kind  - Tatiana Krokar  

Project Mustard  - Dan Zeff  

Relative State  - Luc Des Groseillers  

Sanctuary  - Suzanne Kane  

Special Theory of Relativity  - Nick Lawrence  

Starry Messenger  - Kenneth Lonergan  

Strings  - Crystal Us  

Test Tube Babies  

The Time Traveler  - Debra Isaac  

Wings of Madness  

The Young Dr. Jensen  - Diana Fithian  

6 ft. in 7 min.  - Rafael Del Toro  

Atrocity  - Adam Kargman  

Barefoot  - Maria Grund  

Building the Alaska Highway  

The Death Strip  - Nicole Haeusser  

Dharini  - Anupama Pradhan    

Edison's Thugs  - Adam Tobin  

Einstein's Big Idea  

Enchantress of Numbers  - Shanee Edwards  

Ending AIDS: The Search for a Vaccine  

Fire-Line  - Tobin Addington  

The Flight of the African Clawed (Dwar…  - Dean Fleischer-Camp  

The Great Transatlantic Cable  

Grizzly Man  - Werner Herzog    

The Haleman Limit  - Ben Hayflick  

Hard-Boiled Country  - Michael Tuviera  

Hubble  - Shawn Lawrence Otto  

In Motion  - James Darling  

In Vivid Detail  - Dara Bratt  

Kardia  - Su Rynard  

Larvae  - Marcella Steingart  

Love Chance  - Mary F. Unser  

Love Is Brilliant  - Penny Penniston  

Mapping Swak!  - Bill Rebeck  

Matatoro: The Bull Killer  - John Baker  

Origin  - Royal McGraw  

The Radioactive Boy Scout  - Greg Harrison  

Rocket Man  - Krisy Gosney  

SAAR  - Pragya Tomar  

Sugar Water  - Angela Cheng  

The Theory of Everything  - Alon Aranya  

The Turk  - Jonathan Lincoln Auxier  

With Courage and Honor  - Collin Acock  

Babyface  - S. Casper Wong  

The Broken Code  - David Baxter  

Chances Are  - Joshua Kameyer  

Chemistry Set  - Taniya Hossain  

Cryptic  - Paige Macdonald  

Emergent Behavior  - Andrew Chambliss  

Engines of War  - H. Woods McLaughlin  

Godel's Proof  - Adam Sugerman  

The Golden Gate Bridge  

Indelible  - Randall Dottin ,  Mikki del Monico  

Jibhi Trails  - Anjali Walter  

Kinsey  - Bill Condon    

Lynx  - Wynn Padula  

Melody of Clock and Arrow  - Seth Dalton  

Mütter  - Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz  

Notes in the Margins  - Joseph Raso  

Origins: How Life Began  

Primer  - Shane Carruth  

The Pros and Cons of Breathing  - Bill Balas  

The Season When Thunder Sleeps  - Laurel Minter  

SOLID2D  - John R. Baker  

The Sound of Silence  - Craig J. Weiner  

The Three Body Solution  - Alison Marek  

The Visionary* *(Tesla)  - Joel O. Shapiro  

The Work of 50 Men  - Lynne Kuemmel  

The Young Blue Eyes  - Tara Meddaugh  

All of Creation  - Matthew Friedman  

Benjamin Garrett  - Jonathan Morano  

Bird in Hand  - Janet McIntyre  

California King  - Eli Akira Kaufman  

Cure  - Amy Slucter Taylor  

The Dam - A True Story  - Marcelo Mitnik  

The Day Without Yesterday  - Calee Streza Lee  

Degeneration  - Annie Baker  

Derwin's Shadow  - Peter Jensen  

Dopamine  - Mark Decena  

The Dry Season  - Jesse Wheeler  

The Elegant Universe  

Frankenfish  - Kevin Christopher Snipes  

Afterbirth  - Reginald Vinluan  

Glow Worms  - Nancy Isaak  

Haber  - Daniel Ragussis  

Kingdom of Shadows  - Sallie Patrick  

Madness and Genius  - Ryan Eslinger  

The Monster and the Peanut  - Albert Crim  

Panther Lake  - J.T. O'Neal  

The Pill  

Robot and Frank  - Christopher Ford ,  Jake Schreier  

Rosalind's Helix  - Susan Stanton  

The Science of Love  - Joyce Draganosky  

Skylab  - Mark Landsman  

The Speed of Light  - Taniya Hossain  

Tangles  - Adam B. Stein  

Transcontinental Railroad  

Volatile  - Karen Sztajnberg  

Watermark  - Jerome Bongiorno, Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno  

Behind No One  - Jake Johnson  

Black Water  - Clark Perry  

Boy in a Box  - Seth Grossman  

A Brilliant Madness  

Curie  - Chris McCoy  

The Disappearance of Andy Waxman  - Till Osterland  

Feedback  - Seth Grossman  

Flight  - Carter Anne McGowan  

Flying Lessons  - Kimberlie Nitti  

Free Speech  - David Rice  

Frontier House  

Guinea Pig B  - Norman Anderson  

High-Low  - Vanessa Reisen  

I Remember  - Luke Hutton  

Inner Workings  - Jeremy Bernstein  

The Kite Messenger  - Debra Bellon  

The Likelihood of Feivish Monk  - Michael Sugarman  

Markings in Jade  - Charles Bigelow  

Mrs. Einstein  - Sylvia Mulholland  

Paprika  - Katalin Nivelt Anguelov  

Synapse  - Lisa Robinson  

Tatiana  - Craig Horning  

Teknolust  - Lynn Hershman Leeson  

Third Sight  - Anthony R. Sciullo  

UXO (Unexploded Ordnance)  - Robert Whitehill  

Vavilov  - Kris Holmes  

Birds with Teeth  - Karen Dillon  

Brooklyn Bridge  - Aiyana Berne, Mary Warner McGrade  

Brother's Keeper  - Till Osterland  

Bruises  - Allan McDonald  

Challenger  - Nicole Perlman  

Chasing Patterns  - Monika Hennig  

Defending My Life  - Michelle Shaw  

Enigma  - Michael Apted    

The First Vampire  - Jason Todd Ipson  

Hidden Rain  - Charles Bigelow  

In the Mind of Kennewick  - Victoria Marie Irigoyen  

Instant Life  - Rachel Zabar  

Joshua Tree  - Jonathan Messer  

Just Enough  - Eric Conner  

The Next Big Thing?  

One More Volt  - John P. Lavin  

Quiver  - Hugh Murtagh  

Schrodinger's Cat  - Nova Jacobs  

Searching for Schrodinger's Cat  - Yikuong Chen  

Songcatcher  - Maggie Greenwald  

Streamliners: America's Lost Trains  

The Wormhole  - Jessica Sharzer  

XP  - David Barba  

The Deep Six  - Roger Rudick  

Deus Ex Machina  - John Zaozirny  

Electrical Currency  - Christopher Bradley  

Forever Yours  - Susan Henderson  

George Eastman: The Wizard of Photogra…  

A Glimmer of Light  - Greg Dawless  

Immortal Shadows  - Stephen Monteiro  

In Theory  - David Marmor  

Kuon Ganjo  - Jim Knable  

The Last of the Hunters  - Rita M. Augustine  

Metamorphosis  - Monika Hennig  

Riding Fire  - Denise Pullen  

Secrets of a Master Builder  

Silverstreak  - Joe Leih  

The Skeptic  - Ilya Lie-Nielsen  

Still Life  - Lucas Hnath  

Theremin: Out of the Ether  - Brian E.F. Oakes  

The Weathermen  - Elise H. Greven  

Worldliner  - Daniel Papia  

11 Months  - Michele Aldin      

Butterfly Found  - Dawn Costello Sellers  

Dead Wrong  - Joram Schwartz  

Eve, Too  - Karen McClellan  

The Great Belzoni  - Andrew Sieger  

The Great Tyco Brahe  - Jeff Woodward  

Ice Moon Europa  - Rita M. Augustine  

The Painting, the Machine and the Appl…  - Lucas Hnath  

Race for the Superbomb  

Rescue at Sea  

Return to Denali  - Brian Joseph Smith  

Salk and Sabin  - Edward Yoon-Peter  

Seal-Boy  - Brian Frank  

Semmelweis  - Jim Berry  

A September Spring  - Andrea Lepcio  


The Virtue of Reality  - Clay Haskell  

Vision  - Viktoria Obersovszky  

Black Blood  - Gayle Jackson  

Chasing Rainbows  - Lise Broer  

Cold Hearted  - Mike Palmer  

Concrete  - Andy Watts  

Corporis Vesalius  - Greg Pak  

The God Particle  - Priyanka Kumar  

Gray Matter  - Anthony Dominici  

i  - Stuart K. Sperling  

Influenza 1918  

The Knowledge Tree  - David Ben Miller  

Korolev  - Noah Laracy  

Master Mind  - Mercedes Coats, Amy Elliot  

Muerto Canyon  - Jennifer Peel  

One Egg, Two Souls  - Lise Gordon  

Paper Birds  - Chelsey Chen  

The Shoulder of Giants  - Daniel MacCannell  

Space: 2126  - Elizabeth G. Schroder  

Spilled Blood: The Life and Legend of …  - Steven Thrasher  

The Terrible Life of Ignaz Semmelweis  - Sam Sloves  

Three Thousandths of a Degree  - Viet Quoc Vu  

Winnemuca Jones  - Aurora M. Aguero  

Death of a Broken Heart  - John Travis Harrison  

Fighting the Sky  - Matthew Mogk  

The Fledglings  - Jessica Ann Bortman  

The Geneticist  - Gerry Suenram  

Joliana  - Carlos Vila  

Jornada del Muerto  - Matthaeus Szumanski  

The Last Harvest  - Daniel Kaufman  

Lords of Light  - Jeffrey Stanley  

Alternating Currents  - Jonathan Harris  

Naked to the Bone  

The Shy and the Naked  - Sean Hood  

The Telephone  

Told to Die Like Soldiers  - George Walczak  

Uranium  - James E. Taylor  

Whom the Gods Love  - Edward Ortiz