Filmmaker Update: Dara Bratt and The Singing Abortionist

Dara Bratt was awarded a Sloan-Tribeca Filmmaker Fund grant in 2012 for her feature screenplay RESONANCE, currently in the financing stage. The narrative film centers on two psychologically fragile young men and engages with both neurology and psychiatry.

Bratt has just completed a documentary feature, THE SINGING ABORTIONIST. The film has been selected to screen at the Vancouver, San Francisco, San Diego, and Toronto Jewish Film Festivals.

THE SINGING ABORTIONIST tells the story of the late Henry Morgentaler. Morgentaler, with such a morbid-sounding name, chose a controversial career path. He was a doctor, a pro-choice leader, and a crusader in the science world who appealed in 1988 to the Supreme Court to overturn the anti-abortion law in Canada, and won. This melancholic yet vivacious character was a holocaust survivor who left the concentration camps at the age of 19. Dr. Morgentaler, with an ingrained impetus to challenge established law, fought for a woman’s right to choose while himself choosing to have families with three different women. Dara Bratt’s 58-minute movie uncovers this story and delves beneath the surface into the life of this famed figure.

In addition to receiving Sloan support for RESONANCE, Dara Bratt received an NYU-Sloan Production Grant for her short film, IN VIVID DETAIL. The film is a charming story in which love triumphs over all. The short, available to watch in its entirety, is a workplace romance that tells the story of two people falling in love. What would be a simple story is complicated by the fact that the man has Prosopagnosia.

Prosopagnosia, otherwise known as face-blindness, is a neurological condition that prevents people from recognizing faces. The late neurologist Oliver Sacks, and portrait artist Chuck Close both have the condition. They discuss the disorder and its implications in an episode of the Charlie Rose show.

Dara Bratt has made two other short films with scientific themes. One is called FLUTTER, about a butterfly collector. The other, EVERYONE THINKS THEY’RE SPECIAL. NOBODY CARES, is about a depressed girl who falls for an environmentalist during a hurricane reminiscent of Superstorm Sandy. More info on Bratt and all of her projects can be found at