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Online Premiere: Two New Sloan Shorts

New on Sloan Science & Film are two shorts–SIN DOLOR and SIGNAL–which will join our online library of over 60 science-themed short films available for streaming any time. Each of these films received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for its portrayal of scientific themes and characters.

SIN DOLOR, directed by Joseph Greco when he was a graduate at NYU's film program in 2011, follows a young boy with a rare condition known as analgesia, or the inability to feel physical pain. A doctor becomes intrigued by this inability and befriends the boy. However, their friendship walks the line between care and risk because the doctor secretly hopes to study the boy's illness, so sometimes encourages his self-harming behavior. Director Joseph Greco is now an executive producer at Joe Greco Productions, which helps develop content for brands.

SIGNAL, directed by Chris Farrington in 2008 when he was a graduate student at USC, is a period piece set in England at the turn of the 19th century. Based on a true story, it centers on a scientist working on wireless telegraph communication. It is also the height of Spiritualism and the film portrays the tension between belief in the dead and communication from afar. Director Chris Farrington is now the owner of Voxity Productions, a production company based in Portland that makes video content for businesses and non-profits.

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