Babyface S. Casper Wong

In a far corner of the world, you run into a younger version of yourself. Would you recognize her? What would you tell her? Babyface is a suspence drama that follows Manhattan surgeon Casey Finn as she lands in rural China to head the Doctors Without Borders after a major earthquake. She closely guards the secret of her terminal illness with cancer when she runs into her old lab partner and old flame from Stanford, Alejandro Vega, who is also in China to investigate the ensuing viral outbreak. Despite Casey's desire to devote her last days to the quake effort, her still unresolved relationship with Alejandro and her curious, growing attachment to Chloe, Alejandro's precocious ten-year-old daughter, cause Casey's world to tumble out of control as she races against time to pursue the secret that Alejandro has kept for twelve years. As Casey's feverishly pursues the real identity of Chloe through the modern looking glass of human cloning and stem cell therapy, she finds that despite our human nature's constant attempt to enhance life, it is the generosity of spirit and love that sustains our species. Babyface fuses a fast-paced suspence drama with the meditative exploration of love and loss.


Writer: S. Casper Wong





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