Temma Anya Meksin, 17:46

As her body succumbs to a degenerative disease, renowned neuro-programmer Temma Baumgarten tries to complete a computational model of her own mind. But, when her condition takes a sudden turn for the worse, her husband and daughter must come to terms with the incomplete electronic version of herself that Temma leaves behind.


Directed by Anya Meksin. Written and Edited by Anya Meksin and William Gerrard. Produced by Kristie Lutz. Photographed by Kamil Plocki. Production design by Neslihan Arslan. Music by Jeff McSpadden. Special Effects: Brian Walsh, Rob Cerrato, Barak Ziv, Anthony Simpson, Peihsi Kuo. Principal cast: Karen Young (as Temma), Richard Bekins, Samantha Bilinkas.





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