Godel's Proof Adam Sugerman

Based on a true story, Godel's Proof is a romantic thriller about a world-famous mathematician who's been poisoned, and must figure out who's trying to kill him. It is 1978. A speeding ambulance brings 70-year-old Kurt Godel to the ER. Haunted by guilt, all around him are faces from his past—Nazi officers, cabaret dancers, professors, thugs. Godel tells the police that the poisoner must be the same person who's been chasing him for 40 years. Cut to Vienna, 1930. Godel and his friends are university students trying to crack the last big unsolved math problem. The story flashes back and forth between the 1978 and 1930, where potential suspects accumulate: Erich, a classmate who's career Godel ruined; Oskar, his best friend who might be having an affair with Godel's cabaret dancer fiancee, Adele; professors he's crossed; Nazi thugs who beat him up; Gestapo detectives. Finally, we find Godel wasn't poisoned at all, he's dying of starvation: paranoid and wracked by guilt, his mathematical mind concluded that the only way to avoid being poisoned was stop eating. Adele returns and Godel solves his last big proof: a proof not about math, but about the one true thing that matters: love. His ghosts depart and Godel, redeemed, dies.


Writer: Adam Sugerman





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