The Visionary* *(Tesla) Joel O. Shapiro, 21:28

In 1917, Nikola Tesla was awarded the Edison Medal for inventing alternating current. He was consumed with the desire to completely remake the world’s energy systems into a wireless model that anyone, anywhere, could tap into. Tesla spent all of his money and personal capital on the project eventually resulting in his professional demise.


Directed by Joel O. Shapiro. Written by Joel O. Shapiro and Al Davidian. Produced by Sushil Tyagi. Edited by David Fishel. Photographed by Kev Robertson. Production design by Glen Hall. Music by Paul Hogan. Principal cast: Caitlin FitzGerald (as Katharine Johnson), Toumis Hil (Tesla), Victor Warren (Bernard A. Behrand) and Bob Ari (Edison).





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