Genome Abigail Yaffe

Genome is a narrative sci-fi game that explores the profound effects and influences of gene editing through satire. You play as a recently deceased inhabitant of the last remaining city on earth, Arglax, elevated to limited godhood to manage time and the changing expectations of two other gods. A humanity-wiping flood, named “The Whale Return,” is coming soon and the gods’ only solution is to mutate the people of Arglax to get them to survive. Genome uses this premise to explore the role of those in power in relation to environmental policy, the human body, and decision making in the face of an existential climate crisis. Every day, by introducing mutagens into the atmosphere, the player will induce mutations in Arglax’s population. As Arglax’s destiny moves towards the Whale Return, different invested parties call upon you, their god, for comfort in their sense of changing mind and body, or to allow them to continue living without knowledge of the soon to be end.


Created by Abby Yaffe with Jordan Grayson, Darwin Vickers, Finn Carney, and Isaac Schankler





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