How I Learned to Love Ketchup Dan O'Neil

How I Learned to Love Ketchup is the story of Malcolm Shultz, a young and promising chemist who works for an upstart ketchup company. Things couldn’t be better for Malcolm; he’s about to marry the bosses daughter and except for the gnawing suspicion that perhaps he doesn’t actually like ketchup, he has not a care in the world... until he is unexpectedly exiled to a North Dakota research lab to focus completely on a new ketchup recipe. It is there, in the most unlikely of places, that he meets Naomi, the head chef of a soon-to-fail fine dining restaurant, and falls in love with cooking—real cooking, he tells himself, nothing like anything he’s ever felt before. Things take a turn for the worse when Malcolm borrows company money to fund a re-opening party at the restaurant, putting the entire corporation at risk. It comes down to this: Do you do what you love? Can you love what you do? How far will you go and how much will you risk to find that answer?


Writer: Dan O'Neil





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