Indelible Randall Dottin, Mikki del Monico, Trailer

What will a woman risk to save her child? Elinor Bonds, a mother and molecular biologist, attempts to save others from the disease that took her husband's life. Though she suspects that her only child, 16-year-old son Adrian, has inherited his father's disease, a reliable genetic test hadn't been available -- until recently. Adrian begs her to test him, but Elinor maintains that he should live as though he doesn't have the disease and she should look for a cure as though he does. After years of investigation, she's finally close to a cure -- but not close enough for the wheels of corporate science to turn a profit. Her research funding is cut, but Elinor secretly continues to use company resources for what has become a quest for immortality, perhaps at the expense of the flesh-and-blood teenager who needs her now. In the fight for her son's life, she must cut through corporate greed or risk turning her greatest success into her most lethal failure. Indelible is about the quest for a legacy. What Elinor discovers in the name of love turns the tide of iniquity, unearthing the one person she's neglected to heal: herself. Science is no longer impersonal.


Director: Randall Dottin
Screenwriter: Mikki Del Monico
Producer: Melanie R.W. Oram
Editor: Derek Mok
Cast: Rosalyn Coleman, Tristan Wilds, Roger Guenveur Smith, Ann Dowd, Lou Myers and Jeannie Ortega





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