Nose Hair Louis Morton, 10:03

While playing a game with his friends, 10-year-old Nate starts to wonder if something is seriously wrong with his sense of smell. After a visit to a doctor, Nate learns that he has the rare condition Anosmia and that he will never be able to smell. Nate begins to lose all hope, but then an unlikely encounter with a championship pie maker changes everything. Smell is the least understood of the five senses. Through the story of one boy coming to terms with his own smell loss greater issues of smell, taste, and the senses are explored.


Writer: David Guest
Director: Louis Morton
Storyboards: Miguel Jiron, Javier Barboza, Morton
Animators: Morton, Brian Smee, Yawen Zheng, Jovanna Tosello, Josh Weisbrod
Music: Ulrich Troyer
Principal cast: Jayden Mason Eastaugh, Ryan Lacey, Sean Bolger, Grant Gintner, Christopher Wells





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