Riding Fire Denise Pullen

Seven-year-old Judy Resnik stands poised on the edge of the family pool. This would be her first dive into a life that seemed destined to be a series of seconds. Judy was the second child, second in the science fair, and even lived in El Segundo, California when she got the news from NASA that she was selected for the first class to include women after years of slinging and swinging her way through a series of male-oriented school programs and space training. Sally took the ride first, giving Judy the distinction of being the second American woman in space. Still, Judy never minded getting there second, as long as she got there. And she did make the maiden voyage on the Discovery, her first first. Riding Fire takes us along with this fire-riding woman on her climb to the cosmos, stopping briefly for the significant events and sacrifices that got her there. She would suffer grueling schooling, prom disaster, her parents and her own divorce, ambition that threatened to ambush her, fear and loss of faith. Thirty years later, Judy stands poised for her second shuttle launch, ready to rocket to space history. And if she had a second chance—this Challenger—she would be the first in line...


Writer: Denise Pullen





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