Singularity Alyssa Weinberger

Astrophysics professor, Dr. Alexander Young, has never cared about the politics that comes along with the profession. His gaze has always been skyward, looking up at his first love: space. When he gets the opportunity to search for Hawking radiation, a potential key indicator of the singularity that created the universe, he seizes the opportunity. It doesn't hurt that his colleague, Dr. Caroline Sawyer, will be on the project with him. However, a sizable wrench is thrown in the gears in the form of his family. His distant father, Frank, is slowly losing his mind to dementia, and his sister Margot is feeling the pressure of always having to take care of her father by herself. As the pressure for results begins to bear down on Alex, he's forced to figure out what's more important: his life of the mind and the joy that comes with it, or the real world and all of its messy responsibilities.


Writer: Alyssa Weinberg





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