The Secret of Tuxedo Park

In the fall of 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered a small team of scientists on a clandestine transatlantic mission to deliver his country’s most valuable military secret—a revolutionary radar component—not to the U.S. government, but to a mysterious Wall Street tycoon named Alfred Lee Loomis. Using his connections, his money, and his brilliant scientific mind, Loomis and his team of scientists developed radar technology that would arguably play a more decisive role than any other weapon in the war. The Secret of Tuxedo Park tells a long-overlooked story of an individual who helped alter the course of history in World War II.

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Written, Directed, and Produced by Rob Rapley
Co-produced Nazenet Habtezghi
Photographed by Buddy Squires
Produced by WGBH for The American Experience





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