Getting In Stian Hafstad

When Roger loses his sports scholarship due to an injury, he decides to take matters into his own hands and hack the tuition system in order to delete his bill.

They say student loans is the next bubble to burst. Rising college costs is leaving millions of Americans with large debts fresh out of college. Total student debt now exceeds $1 trillion. You either have to be good at sports, incredibly clever or have rich parents to avoid starting adult life at minus $29,400 (2012 average student loan).

With this Robin Hood tale we wanted to tell the story of someone being pushed to edge, who decides to fight back. Getting In is both a fun heist comedy, and a potent jab at a system that is taking advantage of the younger generation.


Directed by Stian Hafstad
Written by Hafstad and Robert Monk Davis
Produced by Ophelia Harutyunyan
Cinematography by Andrew Ellmaker
Edited by Hafstad
Principal Cast: Tim O'Connor, Steven Bono Jr., Paul Walling, Cynthia Shaw





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