Cain Zijian Yan, 18:15

Ixtao has always been the most curious Neanderthal of his tribe, so when he comes across an injured creature that he has never seen before—a human child—Ixtao doesn't hesitate to take him under his wings, much to his tribe's chagrin. Not before long, the tribe is proven right and first blood is drawn. In the ensuing struggle to redeem the escalated situation, Ixtao crosses paths with the child's much more lethal and merciless adult companions.


Directed by Zijian Yan. Written by Zijian Yan and Ajani Jackson. Produced by Miroslav Macala. Edited by Zijian Yan. Photographed by Zachary Halberd. Production design by Perry Mateson. Music by Dylan Glatthorn. Principal cast: Jamyl Dobson (as Alpha human), C.J. Bane (Haptao), Jovan Davis (Farblood), Derek Johnson (The Human Child), Christopher Stadulis (Gao the Chief).





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