Hubble Shawn Lawrence Otto

In the tradition of Amadeus and A Beautiful Mind, Hubble is the magnificent story of one of history's greatest and most flawed geniuses and the even more magnificient universe he sought to map. In 1931, Edwin Hubble became the most famous man in the world. He was heralded as the greatest astronomer since Galileo. His discoveries had an irrevocable impact on both Einstein's Theory of Relativity and religious interpretations of the origins of heaven and earth. But Hubble was a haunted man, dogged by mysterious secrets from the past and by enemies that threatened to destroy everything. How could a man who spoke with British accent, wore a cape, and carried a cane be from Missouri? Why did none of his stories of his past match the claims of others? How could his wife Grace knowingly perpetuate all of this? Driven by intense ambition and a longing for something that was lost long ago, a man whose life is cloaked in pathological lies paradoxically discovers one of science's greatest and most enduring truths.


Director: Shawn Lawrence Otto





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