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Zero Kimberly Townes, Trailer

High school is a battleground for Morgan (Megan Sousa). Her bullies, Shelly (Mariah Goolsby) and Hope (Alyssa DiVirgilio), take every opportunity to humiliate her publicly, even sitting on her in front of the entire school and stealing a bracelet her deceased father gave her. Her outspoken ally, Troof (Nick Ryan), suggests that she stand her ground and protect herself because even Jesus (the greatest Ninja of all time in his opinion) believes in fighting. Mr. Govan (Amrahu Ibraheem), a former victim of high school bullying, jumps at the opportunity to counsel his favorite student. His long-winded attempt at using witty math metaphors backfires when he mentions that he, “...chopped a kid in the neck”. Intrigued, Morgan asks him to show her how to land a neck chop by reminding him, “ said math can apply to anything”. A man of his word, Mr. Govan teaches Morgan an equation for survival by incorporating math with basic self-defense techniques. Reeling from the encounter, Morgan spends hours playing on the internet, morphing photos of herself and Mr. Govan together to see what their future baby might look like. When Hope and Shelly find her baby photo a scuffle ensues and the stolen bracelet gets ripped from Shelly’s arm and breaks. Morgan snaps and finally stands up to Shelly by jabbing her in the throat.


Director: Kimberly Townes
Producers: Melissa Nemcek, Monica Mallett, Amrahu Ibraheem
Cinematographer: Chris Carrea, Jen Gittings
Production Designer: Karen Glienke
Composer: Scott Carter
Editor: Kimberly Townes
Cast: Megan Sousa, Amrahu Ibraheem, Nick Ryan, Stephanie Gibson, Allyssa DiVirgilio, Chellee Ray, Mariah Goolsby





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