Visible Proof Gabil Sultanov, 23:25

1892. Argentina. A murder of two children in a small town attracts the attention of two detectives from the capitol. They begin their investigation with the help of an unorthodox new method—"fingerprinting." Soon they find a bloody print on the scene. But before they can move further with their find the suspect in the police custody confesses bringing everything to a halt.


Directed and written by Gabil Sultanov
Produced by Drew Diamond and Evan Cook
Photographed by Adam Goral
Production Design by Flora Ortega
Edited by Cole Duran
Music by Drew Silverstein
Principal Cast: Ezequiel Stremiz (as Juan Vucetich), Francisco Garat (Eduardo Alvarez), Erika Macke (Francisca Rojas), Natalia Adame (Luciana), Anibal Silveyra (Catillo), Juan Monsalvez (Velasquez), JP Pereat (Campo)





Feature Films

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