Where the Sky Is Born Freddy Gaitan

Weaving between myth and science, past and present, the first Mayan astronaut remembers his childhood, growing up in a migrant farmworking community. Raised by his superstitious grandmother, Hugo struggles to find a connection to his estranged father, and his dead mother and twin sister he never met. After his grandmother tells him a story about the origins of their ancestors, he embarks on a magical adventure into the Mayan underworld, where he must rescue the family he never knew, and discovers that the truth lies somewhere in-between science and mythology.


Director: Freddy Gaitan
Screenwriter: Freddy Gaitan
Producer: Arturo Diaz, Christina Granados, Gil Marsden
Editor: Evan Schrodek, Mark Witte
Cast: Miguel Mejia, Coryn Mabalot, Teresa Yenque, Lynette Coll, Jorge Borelli, David Guerra, Joanne Lubeck, Raul Cardona





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