Haxxors Callum Smith

Haxxors takes place at a Vegas convention for hackers, where hackers come to buy and sell technology, learn new ways to exploit that technology and of course, party. They are not, however, the only guests - at the largest gathering of hackers in the country, many undercover federal agents are also in attendance.

At the convention, a young male hacker known as Bo+mbe66 meets a female hacker, known as M4ps. The convention runs a contest called ’Spot the Fed’, which offers a reward to anyone who can expose an undercover federal agent at the convention. In an effort to impress M4ps, Bo+mbe66 invents a scheme to win the contest, but in their efforts to find one agent, Bo+mbe66 and M4ps find themselves chasing another, much bigger fish right in the inner circles of the hacker elite.


Directed and written by Callum Smith. Produced by Derly Perez. Music by Mitch Lin. Photographed by Eric Schuman. Principal cast: Jack Mulcahy (as The Pastor), Abraham Makany ($krull), Holly Jian, Robert Garza, James Camacho.





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