User Zero Ria Tobaccowala

Based on an innovative new field of neuroengineering, Ria Tobaccowala’s television proof of concept pilot USER ZERO is about a neuroscientist who develops a pacemaker for the brain to treat mental illnesses. On the verge of taking her startup public, a major setback with a patient puts into question whether or not her progressive technology is good for humankind. She must decide whether to continue with the fast track of the device to more potential users or stop immediately


Written & Directed by: Ria Tobaccowala
Produced by: Ria Tobaccowala
Cinematography by: Alejandro Miyashiro
Production Design by: Chen-Wei Liao
Edited by: Erica Freed Marker
Music by: Ronit Kirchman
Principal Cast: Connie Shi, Jeremy Holm, Nili Bassman





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