The Three Body Solution Alison Marek, Trailer

A physicist in line for a scientific medal suddenly discovers that her sole competition is a charming colleague who claims he has found a solution to the classic "three-body problem." Risking her own career, she sets out to disprove his solution and restore integrity to the university. When she can't find the flaw, she's forced to confront him directly...and finds herself face-to-face with a totally new problem: she loves him. The Three-Body Solution won a Director's Award from the Hearts & Minds Film Festival in 2010.


Writer/Director: Alison Marek
Animator: Marcelo Reniebles
Producer: Kim Neff
Director of Photography: Rob Poswall
Composer: Christy Carew
Production Designer: Frederica Nascimento
Sound Recorder: Frankie Harrison
Sound Mix: Erik Clabeaux
Cast: Tannis Hansen, Luke DiLiberto, Chuck Madden





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