Healing Roots France-Luce Benson

Healing Roots, is a story of modern, western medicine vs. natural afro-ancestral healing; set against the backdrop of 1970’s Haiti. Lucia Narcisse, a fiery single mother in Cap Haitian, Haiti, is determined to give her daughter a better life then the inevitable destiny of poverty accepted by so many on this island. Too proud to ask for help, Lucia works night and day to afford to send Marie to a private school that will secure her a brighter future. Dr. Adrien Pierrot is a young Haitian man who has beaten the odds. Also born and raised in Cap Haitian, he has emerged as a rising star in the American medical community. Upon completion of a residency at a prestigious learning Hospital, he is given the opportunity to join a team of innovative doctors in the U.S. who are on the cutting edge of Cancer treatment. But in honor of a vow he made to his mother as she battled her own fight with cancer, he returns to his homeland to serve his people. His dreams of providing Haitians with the adequate healthcare they deserve are hindered by limited resources and information. Not to mention his headstrong sister, Regine.

Regine is a passionate voudou priestess, both respected and feared for her healing powers. The memory of her mother’s agonizing death still haunts her, and has bred a fierce resentment of the western medicine world she believes failed her mother. Now that Adrien has embraced this world, her fire reaches a boiling point. The two refuse to see eye to eye until the tension between them threatens to destroy their bond forever. But when Lucia discovers frightening changes in her body she fears the worst, and is forced to confront the shame of her past and the uncertainty of her future. Her quest towards healing sends her to the backwoods of Haiti’s mountains, a hot bed of voudou activity. There she meets Regine and ventures on her mystical and emotional path towards healing. When Adrien and Lucia’s paths cross, he is charmed by her indestructible spirit and resolves himself to provide her with the treatment his mother was denied. As they proceed on their journey, Lucia becomes the tie that binds a family severed by loss; and the bridge between the old world and the new.


Writer: France-Luce Benson





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