Guinea Pig B Norman Anderson

Years before Buckminster Fuller became loved as a world-renowned visionary inventor, architect, and teacher, he managed to get kicked out of Harvard twice and fail at numerous business ventures. He also lost his father at an early age and, as a young father himself, watched helplessly as his first-born child died in his arms. At the age of 30, worth more dead than alive, penniless, with no prospect for the future, and unable to provide for his family, Fuller stood on the banks of Lake Michigan, ready to end his life. But instead, something made Bucky change his mind. He turned around and walk away from the brink that frigid night. Had he not , the world would never have heard of Bucky and of the countless of visionary inventions, concepts and theory of prosperities through technology that sprang from Fuller's genius. He committed the rest of his life to an experiment with himself as the subject: Guinea Pig B. His goal: "To see what one man, without money or credit to his name, can do to make the world a better place." As it turned out, the answer was quite a lot. Guinea Pig B is the true story of Bucky Fuller's dramatic early life.


Writer: Norman Anderson





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