Starry Messenger Kenneth Lonergan

The Starry Messenger by Kenneth Lonergan is an affecting and intimate portrait of an astronomy teacher who, with the imminent destruction of his beloved Hayden Planetarium approaching, finds himself all but lost in the everyday routines and disappointments that take up the better part of his day. At 42, Mark Williams finds himself restless in his marriage, and sick to death of his work. An unexpected romance with a young, single mother, however, begins to change his perspective on everything. With unflinching naturalism and sharp-edged humor, this play, which Lonergan will adapt for the screen for the Tribeca/Sloan Screenplay Development Program, explores the vast highs and lows of human existence and how easily they can be all but obscured by the encroachments, concerns, and practical details of daily life.


Director: Kenneth Lonergan





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