Behind the Curtain

BEHIND THE CURTAIN follows Tati Reyas, a strong-willed medical assistant working at an abortion clinic that is understaffed and underfunded. With the arrival of a new hire, and the added responsibility of training this ambitious new employee, Tati becomes insecure of her own background and education. While political tensions mount outside and the clinic starts to feel unsafe, Tati must overcome her own insecurities to keep the new girl from quitting before the end of the day.


Yasuko Yui- Producer
Kanani Koster- Director/ Cowriter
Shuchi Dwivedi- Cowriter
Jordan Biagomala- Cinematographer
Arushi Mathur- Production Designer
Lauren Skelton- Editor



Feature Films

A science focused teaching framework for short and feature films, all of which have received awards from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for their depictions of scientific themes or characters.