Ending AIDS: The Search for a Vaccine

Every day, 15,000 people get infected by HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Nearly thirty years after HIV was first discovered, there have been ony two large-scale trials to test the effectivenes of potential vaccines. Ending AIDS: The Search for a Vaccine asks why an AIDS vaccine has been so elusive, what progress is being made, and what obstacles remain.

[text adapted from kikim.com]


Writen and Produced by Alex Backstead, Bill Jersey, Max Salomon, Michael Shwarz
Directed by Michael Shwarz
Photographed by Greg Andracke, Jeremy Leach, Vic Losick, Andrew Thompson, Bill Jersey, Max Salomon
Edited by Alex Backstead, and Max Salomon
Music by Christopher Rife
Produced by Kikim Media and Quest Productions for PBS





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