Extropy Jonathan Sanden, 15:40

In EXTROPY, a geneticist whose father is succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease believes he had discovered a way to stop the aging process. he turns to an eccentric businessman to fund his endeavor, but with time running out for his father the geneticist begins to test his discovery on himself.


Directed and written by Jonathan Sanden. Produced by Jonathan Sanden and Alexis Ward. Photographed by Chris J. Lytwyn. Edited by Ian Ogden. Production design by Lilian Cohen. Music by Cameron Bossert. Principal cast: Gregory Waller (as Philip Zephyr), Austen Cooke (Cedric Vickers), Gene Morra (Frank Zephyr), Clare Stevenson (Kate Zephyr), Ralph deMatthews (Stephon Roissi).





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