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With support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, NYU Tisch School of the Arts awards screenwriting and production grants to graduate and undergraduate filmmakers. Visit the NYU Tisch School of the Arts website.

This Engineer Becomes A Barista  - Leslie Zeng    

At the Heart of Everything  - Mayanka Goel    

Copycats  -  Mattan Hamou    

Genome  - Abigail Yaffe  

The Peculiar Case of J. Marion Sims  - Samantha Chamblee

Crown Delights Deli  

The Fearfully Great  - Mattan Hamou    

Roots That Reach Toward The Sky  - Jess X. Snow ,  Kit Yan  

Terroir  - Mark Ingber  

Vemork  - Malcolm Quinn Silver-Van Meter    

Yes Chef and The Mushroom King  - Ramzi Bashour  

Blackout  - Hasan Hadi  

Cosmonaut  - Asia Khmelova  

Loddlenaut  - Jin-Young Sohn ,  Ricardo Escobar  

A Long Time Ago...  - Steven Kreager  

The Plutonians  - Tim Delaney ,  Shao Min Chew Chia   

The Printer  - Greg Swong    

The Fog Catcher  - Avi Kabir    

Mabel  - Nicholas Ma  

Red Planet Farming  - Nina Demirjian ,  Noah Lee    

The Village of Heptyl  - Kamila Daurenova    

White Coffins  - Matthew Jackett  

Wire & Cloth  - Swetha Regunathan    

Young Tesla  - Hector Coles    

Fixation  - Jacob Marx Rice  

Hyper Ecofarm  - Shiyun "Vanilla" Liu  

The Sea Dragon  - Adam Sharp    

Solvay  - Hector Coles  

Starcatcher  - Rachel Main ,  Jacqueline Christy  

The Trees  - Ramzi Bashour  

User Zero  - Ria Tobaccowala      

Imprint  - Jennifer Sherman  

A New Prophet  - Rezwan Shahriar Sumit  

Seven Eternities  - Mirella Christou  

Lucy In The Sky  - Jen Rudin  

Mendel  - Owen Bell  

Radioactive Boy Scout  - Eric D. Cohen  

Wasteland  - Jennifer Coates  

With These Eyes  - Evan Kelman  

Enfect  - Bo Shim  

The Mulsanne Corner  - Luiz Tassi  

To Dust  - Shawn Snyder ,  Jason Begue  

Afronauts  - Nuotama Bodomo ,  Isabella Wing-Davey    

Final Jeopardy  - Alexa Polivka  

The Loneliest  - Lilian Mehrel  

The Man Who Wore a Sanitary Pad  - Rohan Narula  

Spring Offensive  - Matthew McInerney-Lacombe  

Traits  - Krystal Foster  

Fritz Haber  - Dan Hasse  

Hardbat  - Zack Schamberg  

The Manhattan Project  - Ashley Sims  

Origin  - Leah Franqui  

Radium Girls  - Brittany Shaw ,  Ginny Mohler ,  Lydia Dean Pilcher  

The Rain Collector  - Isabella Wing-Davey  

Starry Night  - Paxton Farrar  

The Lost Coast  - Kathryn Bancroft  

Penny Stock  - Grainger David  

The Tender Peel  - Ricardo Perez Gonzalez  

Without Fire  - Eliza McNitt  

Born by Fire  - Morgan von Ancken  

Bypass  - Liliana Greenfield-Sanders  

Sin Dolor  - Joseph Greco  

Druid Peak  - Marni Zelnick  

Flood  - Katy Scoggin ,  Isabella Wing-Davey  

Valley of Saints  - Musa Syeed  

Who’s Who in Mycology  - Marie Dvorakova  

Bystander  - Robert Cohen  

The Infidel  - Alexander Davidson  

May the Devil be Kinder  - Alexander Davidson  

Charm School for Primates  - Karen Odyniec  

For All Mankind  - Daniel Clifton  

Grand Unification  - Lauren Gunderson  

May  - Jesse Israel  

On the Twilight of Tomorrow  - Alexander Davidson  

Prisoner's Dilemma  - Robert Cohen  

The Art of Underwater Navigation  - Dylan Tuccillo  

Good Scents  - Aimee Gillette  

A Habitable World  - Rebecca Nesvet  

Ram Bambit  - Aimee Gillette  

SARAHN_12  - Sasie Sealy, Mark Heyman  

Stereopsis  - Joseph Singer  

Extropy  - Jonathan Sanden  

Hailey's Comet  - John Kazlauskas  

Kadya  - Eleanor Burke  

The Mighty Hercules  - Kim Spurlock, David K. Chan  

The Young Dr. Jensen  - Diana Fithian  

6 ft. in 7 min.  - Rafael Del Toro  

Barefoot  - Maria Grund  

The Flight of the African Clawed (Dwar…  - Dean Fleischer-Camp  

In Motion  - James Darling  

In Vivid Detail  - Dara Bratt  

Larvae  - Marcella Steingart  

Sugar Water  - Angela Cheng  

The Theory of Everything  - Alon Aranya  

Babyface  - S. Casper Wong  

Chemistry Set  - Taniya Hossain  

Emergent Behavior  - Andrew Chambliss  

Jibhi Trails  - Anjali Walter  

Rosalind's Helix  - Susan Stanton  

The Three Body Solution  - Alison Marek  

Bird in Hand  - Janet McIntyre  

The Day Without Yesterday  - Calee Streza Lee  

Degeneration  - Annie Baker  

Robot and Frank  - Christopher Ford ,  Jake Schreier  

The Speed of Light  - Taniya Hossain  

Behind No One  - Jake Johnson  

Boy in a Box  - Seth Grossman  

Curie  - Chris McCoy  

Feedback  - Seth Grossman  

Flight  - Carter Anne McGowan  

The Likelihood of Feivish Monk  - Michael Sugarman  

Synapse  - Lisa Robinson  

Challenger  - Nicole Perlman  

Defending My Life  - Michelle Shaw  

Instant Life  - Rachel Zabar  

Quiver  - Hugh Murtagh  

The Wormhole  - Jessica Sharzer  

Deus Ex Machina  - John Zaozirny  

Kuon Ganjo  - Jim Knable  

Still Life  - Lucas Hnath  

The Weathermen  - Elise H. Greven  

11 Months  - Michele Aldin      

Dead Wrong  - Joram Schwartz  

The Great Belzoni  - Andrew Sieger  

The Painting, the Machine and the Appl…  - Lucas Hnath  

Seal-Boy  - Brian Frank  

Semmelweis  - Jim Berry  

Corporis Vesalius  - Greg Pak  

The Knowledge Tree  - David Ben Miller  

Muerto Canyon  - Jennifer Peel  

Spilled Blood: The Life and Legend of …  - Steven Thrasher  

Winnemuca Jones  - Aurora M. Aguero  

Death of a Broken Heart  - John Travis Harrison  

Fighting the Sky  - Matthew Mogk  

Lords of Light  - Jeffrey Stanley  

Whom the Gods Love  - Edward Ortiz