Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Script Competition at Carnegie Mellon University presents $35,000 in prizes annually to current students in the Dramatic Writing program for their original screenplays or television pilots. The program is part of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, the oldest drama conservatory in the United States. Visit the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama website.

For Such a Time  - Gretchen Suárez-Peña  

The Thallium Murders  - Katie Kirk  

Cloud Club  - Jamie Olah  

Suna  - Lara Miller  

Too Many Fish in the Sea  - Sally Seitz  

Drift  - Trà Nguyen  

Saving Little Hope  - Beth Ann Powers    

Stellar Collision  - Kandace James  

The Bug Witch  - Tracy Hoida  

Mammoth Bay  - Alec Seymour  

One Hand Washes The Other  - Malique Guinn  

Dead Planet  - Hallie McPherson    

Going Dutch  - Kate Condé Hamilton    

The Long Year Town  - Alec Seymour      

The Space Above Us  - Tracy Hoida    

Dust to Dust  - Sowmya Ashokkumar  

The Friends I Made and the Zombies I H…  - Liz Baker  

Hot Stuff  - D.T. Burns  

Love Genome  - Brandy N. Carie  

All The Shades of You  - Lauren D’Errico  

Flat  - Anderson Cook    

A Glimpse Through the Haze  - D.T. Burns  

The Mast Year  - Gillian Beth Durkee  

The Buzzbots  - Whitney Rowland  

Percy Spencer and the Radarange  - Jess Honovich  

Sheepish  - Daniel Hirsch  

Egghead Genius  - Mora V. Harris  

The Glowing Gene  - Annie Pulsipher  

Traitorous  - Daniel Hirsch  

Arkansas Auguries  - Julianne Jigour  

Colossus  - Eugenie Carabatsos  

The Pill  - Dan Giles  

The River Gods  - Levi Jelks  

Antarctica  - Julianne Jigour  

Deep Sea Divers of 1929  - Savannah Reich  

Finding Tom Harvey  - Josh Ginsburg  

Science Fair The Musical  - Tracy Potter  

Breath of Life  - Megan Morrison  

Ex-Closure  - Laci Corridor  

Capturing the Stars  - Kate Mickere  

To Boldly Go  - Peter J. Roth  

Fault Zone  - Liz Ellison  

How I Learned to Love Ketchup  - Dan O'Neil  

Red Hot Scoville  - Andrew Stamper  

Dear Radioactive One  - Dan O'Neil  

Magnetic  - Carolyn Kras  

Recognizing Morgan  - Marque Franklin-Williams  

Salk  - Dean Poynor  

Boltzmann's Demon  - James Sandlin Ashby  

The Unifying Theory  - Edgar Mendoza  

Healing Roots  - France-Luce Benson  

Mortal Coil  - Michael Scotto  

The Ecdysiasts  - Mary F. Unser  

Monkey Trials  - Christopher Dimond  

Love Chance  - Mary F. Unser  

The Turk  - Jonathan Lincoln Auxier  

With Courage and Honor  - Collin Acock  

The Work of 50 Men  - Lynne Kuemmel  

The Sound of Silence  - Craig J. Weiner  

The Young Blue Eyes  - Tara Meddaugh  

Frankenfish  - Kevin Christopher Snipes  

Kingdom of Shadows  - Sallie Patrick  

Black Water  - Clark Perry  

Third Sight  - Anthony R. Sciullo  

One More Volt  - John P. Lavin  

The Deep Six  - Roger Rudick  

Riding Fire  - Denise Pullen  

Butterfly Found  - Dawn Costello Sellers  

A September Spring  - Andrea Lepcio