Tribeca Film Institute

With support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Tribeca Film Institute awards the TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund providing grants and professional guidance in support of innovative and compelling scripted features that offer a fresh take on scientific, mathematic and technological themes. The Tribeca Film Institute also awards the Sloan Student Grand Jury Prize, which is awarded to the best screenplay from the Foundation's six university film program partners. The Foundation has been a founding and signature sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival since 2002, showcasing the intersection of science and film at the festival each year. Visit the Tribeca Film Institute website.

Clamming  - Zoe Fleer

Mabel  - Nicholas Ma  

The Mushroomers  - Erica Liu  

Neon Tilapia  - Tony Koros    

Tadpole  - Ryan Craver    

White Coffins  - Matthew Jackett  

Asia A  - Andrew Reid  

BOLICHICOS  - Juan Avella ,  Diego Nájera  

Flat  - Anderson Cook    

Plus  - Andrew Rodriguez    

Wiring Utopia  - David Barker ,  Jerónimo Rodriguez    

Let There Be Life  - Gillian Weeks  

The Spark  - Ruth Greenberg ,  Eva Weber ,  Sophie Vickers  

The Valley of Dry Bones  - Jeremy Palmer  

Adventures of a Mathematician  - Thor Klein ,  Lena Vurma  

The Glowing Gene  - Annie Pulsipher  

Invisible Islands  - Emily Lobsenz  

One Man Dies a Million Times  - Jessica Oreck  

The Burning Season  - Jenny Halper ,  Kate Sharp  

Human Terrain  - Parisa Barani ,  Jennifer Blackmer  

To Dust  - Shawn Snyder ,  Jason Begue  

The Catcher Was A Spy  - Ben Lewin ,  Jim Young  

Deep Sea Divers of 1929  - Savannah Reich  

The House of Tomorrow  - Peter Livolsi ,  Tarik Karam  

The Man Who Knew Infinity  - Jim Young ,  Matthew Brown  

Picking Cotton  - Jessica Sanders  

Afronauts  - Nuotama Bodomo ,  Isabella Wing-Davey    

The Imitation Game  - Morten Tyldum  

Survival of the Fittest  - Laura Alsum  

Venus Transit  - Giulia Corda  

2030  - Nghiem-Minh Nguyen-Vo  

Doctor  - Musa Syeed  

Hedy's Folly  - Diane Kruger ,  Bathsheba Doran  

Newton's Laws of Emotion  - Eugene Ramos  

The Oldest Man Alive  - Antonio Tibaldi  

Waking Hours  - Barnett Brettler  

Computer Chess  - Andrew Bujalski  

Penny Stock  - Grainger David  

Resonance  - Dara Bratt  

A Birder's Guide to Everything  - Rob Meyer  

Bystander  - Robert Cohen  

Photograph 51  - Anna Ziegler  

Talking Book  - Lara Shapiro  

Televisionaries  - Evan I. Schwartz  

The Devil's Teeth  - Paul Atkins  

Haber  - Daniel Ragussis  

Map of the Universe  - Tim Firth  

Obselidia  - Diane Bell  

Banker to the Poor  - Marco Amenta  

Cockeyed  - Ryan Knighton  

Experimenter  - Michael Almereyda  

Sugar Pill  - Lisa Krueger  

They're Playing Basketball?  - Sam Lobel  

Alva  - Alex Lyras  

Face Value  - Gretchen Somerfeld  

Kitty Hawk  - Tim Kirkman  

A Noble Affair  - Kathryn Maughan  

The Radioactive Boy Scout  - Greg Harrison  

A First Class Man  - David Freeman  

Challenger  - Nicole Perlman  

Project Mustard  - Dan Zeff  

Starry Messenger  - Kenneth Lonergan