Newly Available Sloan Shorts

Our "watch the films" page now has nearly 100 narrative short films streaming for free, all of which received Sloan grants for their dramatic depictions of science or technology themes. New additions include:

THE CODE OF FAMILY, directed by Kayla Sun. After the death of her husband, a 63-year-old Asian grandma decides to learn computer science to fulfill his last wish, but almost jeopardizes the relationship with the rest of her family as she tries to keep it a secret.

THIS WILD ABYSS, directed by Thomas Mendolia. A former cowboy turned rancher with a young family, Milt Humason leaves stability behind when he gets the chance to return to the mountains as a janitor at the Mt. Wilson Observatory, a decision that results in an unlikely friendship with the astronomer Edwin Hubble and their research together discovering the expansion of the universe.

HOT AIR, directed by Urvashi Pathania. It was 1856 when Eunice Newton Foote made a monumental discovery in climate science. Today, we all know her work, but not her name.

INTO THE VOID, directed by Yossera Bouchtia. Budding astronomer, wife, and young mother Vera Rubin prepares to present her new, groundbreaking research to the American Astronomical Society and discovers a prejudice that runs much deeper than she thought–one that forces her to reassess her own livelihood and weigh her dreams against society’s expectations for women, in this biopic drama set in 1950s New York.

HANGER'S LIMB, directed by Joel Santner. After losing his leg in the Civil War, James Hanger returns home and discovers he doesn’t belong. In order to survive his depression he designs and patents a prosthetic leg with knee and ankle joints.

MAGIC '85, directed by Annika Kurnick. Set against the backdrop of the legendary Celtics vs Lakers NBA Finals during the height of the AIDS epidemic in Los Angles, MAGIC '85 explores the nature of the AIDS virus through the relationship between Gabriel, a 33-year-old closeted hospice worker, and Trevor a 34-year-old father dying of AIDS.

SPARK, directed by Juan Martinez Vera. A young Venezuelan student overcomes censorship in his country and sparks a social-media movement using a cell-phone app.

We are also working on a new edition of our Teacher's Guide that makes science-themed short films readily available for classroom use.

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