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Five New Sloan Winners

Five new film projects have been awarded grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s partnership with Columbia University School of the Arts. The production grants will fund the making of a short film, while the screenplay grants will fund further development of a feature film screenplay. The 2022 winners are:

CONFETTI, Production Grant Winner. Directed by Spencer Grammer and produced by Jacob Huebner.
Logline: After an ex comes to visit, Architect Arai Rilk questions her love for him or her newly constructed building, the Agnus.

GEORGETTE IN THE GARDEN, Production Grant Winner. Directed Grace Philips and produced by Nina Cochran.
Logline: After discovering a hidden figure beneath an important seventeenth-century painting with the use of advanced imaging technology, Monica, an Assistant Art Conservator, struggles to restore a potentially objectionable portrait.

HOPING, Screenplay Grant Winner. Written by Eric Yang.
Logline: As the SARS epidemic exploded in 2003, over a thousand medical staff and patients were trapped inside the Hoping Hospital by the order of the Taiwanese government as they struggled to survive against the spread of a deadly virus.

WHEN IT THAWS, Screenplay Grant Winner. Written by Anika Benkov.
Logline: An aging scientist recruits his estranged daughter to come to the remote wilderness of Siberia and help him restore the tundra to Pleistocene-era plains, battling the melting permafrost, and his deteriorating memory, in the process.

WAUSIKAMAS, Screenplay Grant Winner. Written by Juan Paulo Laserna.
Logline: When a marginalized indigenous community finds itself enslaved by drug trafficking guerrillas, their broken and alcoholic leader will have to rehabilitate their barren land to free them from their reliance on opium poppy.

Cover image: "Omulyakhskaya and Khromskaya Bays, Northern Siberia" by NASA Goddard Photo and Video.

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