Known for her work as a cinematographer and co-producer on Laura Poitras’s Oscar-winning documentary, CITIZENFOUR, Katy Scoggin has a new film premiering on Science & Film. In 2012 Scoggin received a Sloan-NYU Production grant to make her short film FLOOD. It is available to stream in its entirety below, and will henceforth be in the Science & Film library of films available to watch any time.

FLOOD was written and directed by Katy Scoggin and produced by Sloan-award-winner Isabella Wing-Davey. A journalist who goes on a trip to visit her father, the local “fossil man,” is shocked to find that he has become a creationist. Rosie Benton stars. The film is currently in production as a feature. It received a 2012 Sloan Commissioning Grant through the Sundance Labs, and in 2013 Wing-Davey went through the Film Independent Producer’s Lab and received the $25,000 Film Independent-Sloan Producer's Award.

The Sloan Foundation has a partnership with NYU to support the next generation of filmmakers to tackle science and technology themes and characters. Katy Scoggin’s other short film, CHUCK AND BARB GO HUNTING, is also available to stream on Science & Film.