Sundance Institute

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation supports Sundance Institute’s Science-in-Film Initiative, which annually awards the Sundance/Sloan Commissioning Grant and Fellowship, supporting the development of screenplays with science or technology themes. The winners of the Grant and Fellowship are awarded a cash grant to further develop their screenplays, with an additional stipend to hire a science advisor. Each year the Foundation also awards the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize to one film at the Sundance Film Festival. Visit the Sundance Institute website.

Inverses  - Lizzi Oyebode  

Love Me  - Andy Zuchero ,  Sam Zuchero      

Satoshi  - David Rafailedes ,  Sara Crow    

Tektite  - Emily Everhard          

Incompleteness  - John Lopez  

Light Mass Energy  - Cynthia Lowen  

The Pod Generation  - Sophie Barthes    

The Professor and the Spy  - Benjy Steinberg  

After Yang  - Kogonada .  

The Futurist  - Shawn Snyder ,  Jason Begue    

Moving Bangladesh  - Nuhash Humayun    

Our Dark Lady  - Kathryn Lo      

Chariot  - Alyssa Loh    

The Harvard Computers  - Jennifer 8. Lee ,  Graham Sack  

Pharmacopeia  - Tania Taiwo  

Son of Monarchs  - Alexis Gambis  

Higher  - Courtney Smith  

The Plutonians  - Tim Delaney ,  Shao Min Chew Chia   

Tesla  - Michael Almereyda    

Tidal Disruption  - Kiran Deol  

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind  - Chiwetel Ejiofor  

Challenger  - Skye Emerson      

DELTA-V  - Neilkanth Dave ,  Zachary Parris    

Goliath  - Anthony Onah  

Let There Be Life  - Gillian Weeks  

Katie Wright  - C. Wrenn Ball  

Searching  - Aneesh Chaganty ,  Sev Ohanian  

Untitled J.P. Morgan Project  - John Lopez  

What the Eyes Don't See  - Cherien Dabis  

Levittown  - Adam Benic  

Marjorie Prime  - Michael Almereyda  

Untitled Smallpox Eradication Project  - Jamie Dawson  

Bell  - Darcy Brislin ,  Dyana Winkler  

Embrace of the Serpent  - Ciro Guerra  

The Gold Bug Variations  - Mark Levinson  

Archive  - Jonathan Minard ,  Scott Rashap  

Otzi  - Cutter Hodierne ,  John Hibey  

The Stanford Prison Experiment  - Kyle Patrick Alvarez  

Typhus  - Jon Noble  

The Buried Life  - Joan Stein Schimke ,  Averie Storck ,  Summer Shelton  

Francis Turnbull  - David Schwab  

I Origins  - Mike Cahill  

The Absence Sonata  - Thomas Martin  

Computer Chess  - Andrew Bujalski  

Prodigal Summer  - Nicole Kassell  

Flood  - Katy Scoggin ,  Isabella Wing-Davey  

Operator  - Logan Kibens ,  Sharon Greene  

Robot and Frank  - Christopher Ford ,  Jake Schreier  

Valley of Saints  - Musa Syeed  

American Prometheus  - Robert Edwards  

Another Earth  - Mike Cahill  

Paperclip  - Ioana Maria Uricaru  

Stem  - Diane Bell  

Bed  - Cath Le Couteur  

A Birder's Guide to Everything  - Rob Meyer  

Obselidia  - Diane Bell  

Adam  - Max Mayer  

La Vida Robot  - Alex Rivera  

On the Left  - Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt  

Zeroes and Ones  - Avi Zev Weider  

Cockeyed  - Ryan Knighton  

Experimenter  - Michael Almereyda  

Sleep Dealer  - Alex Rivera  

Dark Matter  - Chen Shi-zheng  

Here  - Braden King  

Sugar Pill  - Lisa Krueger  

House of Sand  - Andrucha Waddington  

Not By Chance  - Phillip Barcinski  

Grizzly Man  - Werner Herzog    

The Radioactive Boy Scout  - Greg Harrison  

Primer  - Shane Carruth  

All of Creation  - Matthew Friedman  

Dopamine  - Mark Decena