The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has a nationwide film program to support filmmakers at every stage of development who create narrative films about science and technology.

On this site, watch award-winning Sloan short films, learn about over 500 projects, including more than ten features released theatrically in the past three years, supported by the Sloan Film Program, and see how film can serve as a lens into society's most critical science and technology issues.

Sloan News Last Days of Night: Exclusive Interview with Graham Moore
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Jean-Pierre Léaud Dies as Louis XIV
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Dr. Andrew Knoll
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“Aviation Cinema”
No Ghost Just A Shell: Interview with Pierre Huyghe
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Eric Cohen
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Her Own Words
Experiments in Art and Technology at
ISSUE Project Room
The Intrepid's Star Trek Exhibit Teleports Science & Film
Sloan News Radium Girls: Interview with Lydia Dean Pilcher
Science at the 2016
Emmy Awards

Nuclear Nightmares: Command & Control & Dr. Strangelove Interactive Storytelling: Interview with TFI's Opeyemi Olukemi
The Element of Water in Netflix’s Stranger Things
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Science on Screen at the Toronto International Film Festival
The Veneer of Science: NUTS! at Museum of the Moving Image
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