On April 24, the Sloan Foundation and Tribeca Film Institute will present the Sloan Works in Progress Readings at Spring Studios. This annual Tribeca Film Festival event features acclaimed actors performing live readings from the 2015 Sloan-winning projects. The Works-in-Progress Readings are part of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and Tribeca Film Institute partnership formed in 2002 to develop and produce new feature films with science and technology themes and characters

This year's event will be hosted by Franklin Leonard from The BlackList and feature notable actors, including Academy Award winner Ellen Burstyn. The five live readings will be directed by Abigail Zealey Bess, with all casting done by Will DeCamp of the Manhattan Theater Club. The event is open to the public, but a day pass for Spring Studios must be purchased to attend.

The showcased projects listed below are all recipients of 2015 Sloan grants from the Tribeca Film Institute.

THE CATCHER WAS A SPY, directed by Ben Lewin, produced by Tatiana Kelly. 2015 Filmmaker Fund.
Based on the best selling book by Nicholas Dawidoff, this is the true story of Moe Berg - Major League Baseball player, Ivy League graduate, attorney who spoke nine languages—and a top-secret spy for the OSS who helped the U.S. win the race against Germany to build the atomic bomb. Pre-production

DEEP SEA DIVERS OF 1929, written by Savannah Reich. 2015 Student Grand Jury Prize.
After being disinherited by his father, a fun-loving socialite sinks the remainder of his fortune into building the very first deep-sea submarine, and in the process proves to a group of passionate scientists and to himself that he is worth more than the sum of his bank account. Early development

HOUSE OF TOMORROW, directed by Peter Livolsi. 2015 Filmmaker Fund.
A home-schooled sixteen-year-old raised on the futurist teachings of Buckminster Fuller gets a chance at life outside his bubble when he meets a punk rock kid with a heart transplant who wants to start a band. Development

THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY, directed by Matt Brown and produced by Jim Young, Jomon Thomas, Edward Pressman and Swati Bhise. 2015 Filmmaker Fund.
Based on the life of math genius Srinivasa Ramanujan and Professor G.H. Hardy, who recognized Ramanujan’s brilliance despite the latter’s lack of formal training and education and plucked him from obscurity in Edwardian India. Post-production

PICKING COTTON, directed by Jessica Sanders. 2015 Filmmaker Fund.
The riveting true story of rape survivor Jennifer Thompson and Ronald Cotton, whom she had wrongfully identified as her rapist. After 11 years in prison, DNA evidence cleared Ronald of the crime. Jennifer and Ronald are now friends and activists, improving the criminal justice system. Early-development

The Sloan Works in Progress Readings will take place on April 24 at 3:00pm at Spring Studios. Spring Studios Day Passes are available now and can be purchased at tribecafilm.com.