Watch Two New Sloan Short Films

Two new short films that received production funding through partnerships with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation will join our streaming library of short films available to watch any time. A SAFE GUIDE TO DYING is a VR Experience written and directed by Dimitris Tsilifonis and co-written by Alessandro Pederzoli. It follows a young man named Mael intent on committing suicide inside a life-like videogame, until he meets another player. The film received a Sloan production grant from the American Film Institute in 2018.

SOMETHING IN THE WATER, directed and edited by Po-yu Chen and written and produced by Josalynn Smith, follows a teenage girl who notices changes in her little brother and fears it might be lead poisoning. Her science teacher helps her figure out how to find its source. The film received a Sloan production grant from Columbia University in 2018, and the Sloan Science in Cinema Filmmaker Fellowship from SFFILM in 2019.

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