Short Science Films for Back to School

September means back to school and we are here to provide resources to help with science learning for those both remote and in the classroom. Our Teacher's Guide features close to 50 freely available short, narrative films that integrate scientific themes in creative ways. These films were made by graduate film students who received support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for their work's scientific accuracy. Films deal with chemistry, ecology, technology, and more. They touch on historical figures including Ignaz Semmelweis, the Hungarian physician who discovered that handwashing could save lives. Each film is correlated with Next Generation Science Standards as well as New York City science standards for K-12 education, and includes proposed discussion questions and links to additional resources, including classroom activities. The guide is available to view online or to be downloaded as a PDF.

If you're a parent or teacher looking for feature films that have some educational value, you can also check out our Feature Film Companion Guide. Written in the same format as the short film guide, with corresponding questions and resources included with each film, this guide includes such blockbusters as HIDDEN FIGURES and THE MARTIAN as well as lesser-known films such as COMPUTER CHESS and RADIUM GIRLS.

We are constantly adding newly produced short films to our streaming library so check back often for more picks. For example, the most recent addition is Hao Zheng's award-winning THE CHEF, which follows a chef's rocky journey with his new, robotic sous-chef. There is also Rommel Villa's SWEET POTATOES, based on the true story of the Mexican scientist who synthesized the main chemical prevalent in birth control pills.

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