Launching A Companion Guide To Science-Based Feature Films

Sloan Science & Film is proud to announce the launch of a new science-based companion guide to 46 feature films—including HIDDEN FIGURES, THE MARTIAN, PRIMER, and THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT. Each film received development or distribution support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation because of its scientific content. The free guide, which may be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF, is available at, or by going to and clicking on “Sloan Awarded Films.”

The Sloan Foundation’s film program encourages filmmakers to create more realistic and compelling stories about science and technology, and to challenge existing stereotypes of scientists and engineers in the popular imagination. Since 1997, the Foundation has partnered with six of the top film schools and established annual awards in screenwriting and film production, and supports screenplay development programs and awards prizes to feature films. Each feature film in this guide received development support at script-stage or won a prize as a completed feature from one or more of the Sloan Foundation’s institutional partners, which include: Film Independent, Tribeca Film Institute, Sundance Film Institute, San Francisco Film Society, the Black List, and more.

The companion guide indexes each film by scientific subject matter and provides supplemental science content, meant to encourage audiences inspired by films to explore the scientific subject matter further. Films include Steven Bernstein’s DECODING ANNIE PARKER, starring Helen Hunt, with further information about her character Mary-Claire King who discovered the BRCA1 gene for breast cancer; Jenny Deller’s FUTURE WEATHER, starring Lili Taylor, and resources about extreme weather and environmental science teaching materials; and Tom Stoppard’s ENIGMA, starring Kate Winslet, with lesson plans about cryptography and Alan Turing.

The companion guide includes links with how to watch each film. Access it any time.