Robot and Frank
Christopher Ford, Jake Schreier, Trailer

Frank is very old. He's starting to forget things, especially at night when he wakes up and looks through the house for his wife, only to realize that she's been dead for ten years. When Frank's son, Scott, comes on his weekly visit, he brings a special surprise—a new "HelpBot". But Frank doesn't appreciate the overly pleasant machine intrusion in his life and mostly wishes Scott would visit him more instead of passing him off to some stupid robot. As time goes on, however, Frank becomes accustomed to his robotic companion. But when Frank suffers an accident and is lying, dying, in his bed, he thinks that the robot is Scott, come back to visit him one last time. When Frank's life leaves him, the robot shuts down. Did the robot feel sad or was it just performing its program? For Frank, at least, at the end, it didn't matter.