Sundance Institute has announced the twelve projects selected for the 2015 January Screenwriters Lab, including the reciepient of the Afred P. Sloan Fellowship, Archive.

Co-written by Jonathan Minard and Scott Rashap and directed by Minard, Archive tracks what happens in the wake of a virtual affair lived entirely through email and gchat, as two lovers face the intangibility and distance that characterized their relationship. A search for the physical traces of their connection prompts a journey to the data center which holds their intimate messages.

Jonathan Minard’s films examine our dreams of the near future through documentary and science fiction. He has directed a web series on the history of the internet called The Information Age, and created Clouds, an interactive movie presented in virtual reality which premiered as part of New Frontier at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014, and was awarded Best Interactive Film at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Scott Rashap is a screenwriter and director of live action and animation. Since graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he has written a series of historical and biographical films told through a nontraditional lens, including Toru, the story of a terminally ill baby who lives out his brief life in a simulation; Songs from a Room, a study of a dead man's identity based on the items found in his office; The Epic History of Everyday Things for the History Channel; and Past Perfect, an interactive documentary directed with Jonathan Minard, which invited participants to back up their memories to the Cloud.

The Screenwriters Lab is an immersive, five-day writers’ workshop at the Sundance Resort in Utah taking place January 16 - 21. The Lab is one of the 24 residency programs the Institute hosts year-round, in addition to granting more than $2.5 million to independent artists each year.