Jonathan Minard

Jonathan Minard’s films examine our dreams of the near future through documentary and science fiction. He has directed a web series on the history of the internet called THE INFORMATON AGE, and created CLOUDS, an interactive movie presented in virtual reality which premiered as part of New Frontiers at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014, and was awarded Best Interactive Film at the Tribeca Film Festival. Minard is the receipient of a Sloan-Sundance Lab Fellowship for his film ARCHIVE, co-written with frequent collaborator Scott Rashap.

In addition to receiving Sloan support, Minard has received support through research fellowships and commissions from Eyebeam, the Studio for Creative Inquiry, NASA Ames, and the US Fulbright Program in Mongolia. In 2009, he founded Deepspeed Media, a production company with a focus on science and technology.