NYU Sloan Film Radium Girls Begins Production

This month, a Sloan funded screenplay is slated to begin production. Radium Girls, which won the NYU Sloan $100,000 First Feature Grant in 2013, will be the third feature film produced as a result of the Sloan NYU partnership, following Musa Syeed's 2012 film Valley of Saints and Marni Zelnick's 2014 film Druid Peak.

The film, set in 1926, follows 17-year-old Bessie and her sister Jo, who suffer health consequences from painting luminous watches at the American radium factory. As Jo’s health slips away inexplicably, Bessie falls in love with a man whose radical politics open her eyes to the dark reality of radium poisoning. In her quest to avenge her sister, Bessie is betrayed by the cold-hearted corporation and must find justice elsewhere.

Radium Girls is written and directed by NYU Tisch School of the Arts graduates Brittany Shaw and Ginny Mohler and produced by another Tisch alumna, Mollye Asher. Shaw and Mohler first met at NYU in 2006 and have since worked together as archival researchers on documentaries, where they developed the passion for untold history that led to Radium Girls. NYU is the recipient of a current Sloan grant for screenwriting and production of science and technology films by top film students.